Classic Cover of the Week 9/26/2016


New Week, New Covers!!

 dynamic-comics-11 DYNAMIC COMICS #11
No idea who did this cover, but what a strange ass one it is.  Published by Harry “A” Chesler, the fine folks who brought us Punch and Smash Comics and the array of excellent covers that hide within.Zero on the census, which should come as no surprise as this book, as with most Chesler titles, is very very difficult to locate.

SHELF DATE of November 1944









Nothing crazy, just kind of a cool cover from this run.  A sign of the post war upswing, when things were simpler and comic books had to find a new subject for the covers with WWII covers becoming a thing of the past.  Win Mortimer Pencils and inks on this random goodie.

12 On the CGC census with an average grade of 6.82.  2 9.4s and a 3.5 make the top and bottom.
SHELF DATE of November 1948

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