Dr Who Goes Pop!

Apparently Dr. Who likes to swipe album covers as well. But since he is a Doctor he doesn’t swipe hip hop covers or something like that.

4891295-01-re-forbidden-jetpackDr. Who Eighth Doctor 1 Forbidden Planet Variant tumblr_lt2yrrftks1qchkhjo1_500Bob Dylan: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
I might get in trouble for this but I hate Bob Dylan’s voice. He sounds like a whiny old man to me. Don’t hate me Ben C!
51c3c61b793df33992ea491ab172c5b1Four Doctors 1 Forbidden Planet Variant queen_queen_iiQueen: Queen 2
On the other hand I think Queen is an unbelievable band. They made a song about riding a bicycle that sounds good!
365222_20160525192801_largeDr. Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year 2 3 a7154f4858076141eb01a69605ea95d2-1000x1000x1David Bowie: Heroes
One of my favorite songs by David Bowie is Heroes. Only I like the versions done by Peter Gabriel and The Wallflowers better. Go figure.
365223_20160525192901_largeDr. Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year 2 4 51xabeaiqvlBlondie: Parallel Lines
The artist who did most of these homages, Simon Myers, said this was his favorite one. I think I might agree with him.
365217_20160525192253_largeDr. Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year 2 6 the_rolling_stones-hot_rocks_1964-1971_a_2The Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks
Another band I don’t understand the success of. I think I like 2 or 3 songs by the Stones…Ben C please don’t kill me!
368436_20160630145157_largeDr. Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year 2 7 51-pb5t23lSupertramp: Breakfast in America
I can’t speak much on either of these covers. I have never watched a Dr. Who episode nor have I ever listened much to Supertramp although I do know their music.
370346_20160721151020_largeDr. Who: The Tenth Doctor Year 2 11 67-aThe Beatles: 1967-1970
Now here is a band I can get behind! Who doesn’t like the Beatles???
369985_20160718205338_largeDr. Who: The Tenth Doctor Year 2 12 screen-shot-2013-09-03-at-14-37-56The Beatles: 1962-1966

Have a great weekend everyone!


  • Khoi Cakes

    I really like these. Simon Myers did a great job.

  • Avatar

    Like Peter Gabriel but don’t understand success Rolling Stones.. you should never be able to post again after that. Not to mention it seems someone who knows abit about Dr. Who should do this post not some dude that just states whether he likes a band or not. Khoi you should be banned for saying it was a good post lol.

  • Avatar

    Sorry Khoi I misread your comment

    • Khoi Cakes

      Whether you were joking around or not, you’re walking a fine line. You seldom bring anything constructive to your comments. And this isn’t about me, but the hard work our writers put in every time they post their articles. Yoni may not know about Dr. Who, but you’re a fool for not acknowledging his articles are about cover swipes. And his entire SERIES about cover swipes is probably one of, if not, the greatest collections of swipes/homages you will ever see – Yoni knows his s4!+. Yoni drops pearls and they’re cast before swine smh.
      People seldom remember that although we speculate on comics, the investment angle is coupled with a love of comics. Why else would our hobby be comics vs just jumping on to stocks or commodities? I’m pretty fed up with the complaints from one side saying we don’t speculate enough and the other side complaining that there is no love for comic collecting here. Not going to please everyone but we post content every week without fail. If you can’t appreciate that, then just leave.

  • Ares

    Comic/album covers done right. Now if we can get Marvel to do it. I’ll start collecting those if they did.

  • Gwenpool4President

    Doggin’ on Dylan!? Someone who you have to look to the great poets throughout history to try to find a lyrical equivalent, someone who has continued to be culturally relevant for over 50 years, someone who any artist since, worth her or his salt, acknowledges as an influence!?!?


    Aside, those are cool cover swipes. ✌️

    • Avatar

      Great article, love the Blondie one, I am in love with Jenna Coleman!

      Oh, I don’t like the Beatles (no, seriously, can’t stand them and their whiney scouse accents…)

  • Avatar

    You guys are walking a fine line of being obsolete. And is there some rule that I have to “bring” something to the comments section. You always going to have haters. Get over yourself

  • Avatar

    I think it’s a great article and these do have spec value. I ordered copies of the Beatles swipes especially, as I think there’s value there to both Who & Beatles collectors down the road. Do I expect to retire on these, no….but I could see them hitting the $25 or $30 mark.

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