1 Batman (Vol. 1) #655 1:10 Adam Kubert Variant

2 WRITER: Grant Morrison
ARTIST: Andy Kubert
Not a rare book by any stretch of the imagination, this Trey Wayne, er, Damian Wayne cameo has surpassed the $100 raw barrier.  It is on everyone's long term hold list and it appears that people are picking these up and stashing them.  This will never see the $25 price it had earlier in the year.

2 Venom Space Knight #11 1:25 Gerardo Sandoval Variant

1 WRITER: Robbie Thompson
ARTIST: Gerardo Sandoval
Amazingly, the print run for this title only jumped 10% even with retailers knowing this variant was going to be offered.  There are only a few of these on eBay at the moment and sales have cracked $100.  This one is going to have staying power.

3 Ms. Marvel (Vol. 3) #2 1:50 Jorge Molina Variant

WRITER: C. Willow Wilson
ARTIST: Adrian Alphona
$500+ raw sales have put this slow burner high on want lists.  The good thing about it taking this long to reach this price point is that it will probably stay.  Unfortunately for me, I have never even seen this book in person.


4 Harley Quinn (Vol. 3) #1 Gabrielle Dell'Otto Pink Variant /1000

WRITER: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
ARTIST: Amanda Conner
Please don't use the ‘Only 800 were printed'.  They may have held some back in case there were damaged books, but if not (and how would we ever know), there are 1000 of these.  Selling for close to #1k in 9.8, the big question is, is this better than the Hughes?


5 Silk (Vol. 2) #12 1:15 Cosplay Variant

WRITER: Robbie Thompson
ARTIST: Tana Ford
I will give it to Marvel, they stick to their plan (which when it comes to Cosplay variants, I don't know what that is).  Most of these Cosplay variants are terrible, but this and the Scarlet Witch are doing very well in the aftermarket.  As Mel V said on the podcast, expect to pay $25-30 for this one.


6 Indestructible Hulk Special #1 1:50 J. Scott Campbell Variant

WRITER: Mike Costa
ARTIST: Jake Wyatt
Fact: our own Jason Szczesniak pointed this book out and for good reason.  Sub-1000 print run on a JSC variant = $$$ (even if it is not a good cover).


7 Cable & Deadpool #50

WRITER: Reilly Brown & Fabian Nicieza
ARTIST: Reilly Brown
Apparently the buyers have made their choice on the 1st appearance of Venompool (or Deadom?) and this is it.  What was a $20 book a few weeks ago is now $50.  23k is not a huge print run, so I'm not sure where the ceiling is on this one.


8 Catwoman (Vol. 3) #51

WRITER: Will Pfeifer
ARTIST: Pete Woods
If you weren't aware, this Adam Hughes staple is nearing $100 raw (Pro Tip: if you like this cover, you should be buying #70 & 74 while they are cheap!) I never knew that the numbers from the Lost tv show were so interesting.


9 Deadpool Back in Black #1 Tyler Kirkham Sketch Variant /1500

WRITER: Cullen Bunn
ARTIST: Salva Espin
Pre-selling at $70 for this crazy awesome cover.  Might this get overlooked somewhat once art for a certain Dell'Otto Venom variant is released? Hmmm?


10 Seven to Eternity #1

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Jerome Opena & Matt Hollingsworth
Sold out at Diamond, sold out at Midtown and add'l prints have been ordered, and this is just week 1.  The story synopsis looks like another space odyssey and no one apparently wants to be left out if it becomes the next Saga.  Thanks for the info Dimmy…


Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 1) #525 1:25 David Finch Variant

WRITER: Matt Fraction
ARTIST: Terry Dodson
Finch + X-23 is a good combination.  This one has been moving for $30+ after a low sale back in August.  Only 1 on eBay right now.


Justice League of America (Vol. 2) #45 1:10 David Mack Variant

WRITER: James Robinson
ARTIST: Mark Bagley & Rob Hunter
This book was selling for less than $10 a few weeks ago, but now, multiple sales in the $25-30 range.  Maybe it's the 2nd best Supergirl cover after LOSH #23?

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  • dpiercy

    Yes, it is better than the Hughes.

    • Avatar

      Agreed. The Dell’otto HQ is a much nicer piece of art than what Hughes did on the last reboot on the title, and the Pink version is rarer.

    • Khoi Cakes

      Whether the art is better is subjective obviously, but what gets me is that it’s the same artwork as the regular color and sketch variants. Yea I get there are 1,000 of them but the fact they are store variants and share the same artwork kind of makes me scratch my head. Oh well, market rules I guess.

  • tiredguy

    I’m not always a Hughes fan, but his Harley variant is 100 times better IMHO.

    I didn’t like the del’otto cover which is why I didn’t order it. Jokes on me now of course.

  • Avatar

    I like the Deadpool Back in Black Kirkham but the colored version looks SOOOOOO much better than the sketch. I know the ratio of the color to sketch is 2:1 so its probably not going to rise in value that much.

    • Avatar

      btw – the colored version is still available from KRS comics website for only $25 (which includes the champions 1 variant with it). Too bad the sketch is sold out….it was only for $30.

      • Avatar

        It hasn’t been available on their site for awhile now. They had it listed with the price for a couple days after it sold out, it wouldn’t let you order it. It hasn’t been available for 5 days or so. Still blows my mind no one was buying these sets after the DP variants by themselves sold out very fast.

  • adcuevas

    I’ve always been a huge fan of that Supergirl Mack cover! Awesome to see gaining sine relevance!

  • Jason S

    Great job Ben! And thanks for the shout out!

  • Avatar

    Great list. What’s the DellOtto Venom cover you mentioned? I can’t see anything being better than that Kirkham cover. I’ve never seen Venom look better.

  • Avatar

    Honestly, I have bad feelings about that HQ because they dropped it after the color/b&w release. It felt like a money grab, so I passed on it, as did many. That’s the root of my hate for it. Bulletproof should have been upfront about what they were going to do.

  • Avatar

    Ive been cursing the day when everyone discovered the 655 variant and started driving up the price, glad i started hoarding them 2 years ago, but would have loved to grab a few more before this day….great list though….

  • Avatar

    So much variant chasing these days, should have a hot 10 variant and a hot 10 non-variant list.

    • Khoi Cakes

      Whether you (not “you” personally) like it or not, variant chasing is what’s driving the market. Regular issues still get mentioned on the Hot 10 but the problem is the market only reacts when there is some media news. Case in point would be UXM #221 being the top spot last report. Given that so many of the older character keys have already been tied to media projects a while back and didn’t have variants at the time, you’re not going to see too many regular issues. Add to the fact that the newer characters linked to media projects just happened to have been created during this variant age also means their variant is going to pop vs the regular issue.

    • Avatar

      Good call, I see your point. Variants are never charishable for me, just a quick flip for cash.

  • Avatar

    If you actually read Cable and Deadpool #50 you know this is not Venompool. In this issue Deadpool transports some symbiote dinosaurs from savage land to the present. None of these symbiotes are Venom. For 2 panels a symbiote not venom gets on Deadpool and he stabs himself in the head to kill it. Just because it’s a symbiote does not make this Venompool in anyway, the Venom symbiote does not appear in this issue at all. Just like Carnage, Toxin, Antivenom, Scream are not the same character as Venom nor are the symbiote dinosaurs in Cable and Deadpool #50. This is the only site to say this is Venompool’s 1st appearance and the recent price bump is from your readers reading your sites misinformation and buying this book, hurting your readers wallet for no reason. The first appearance of Venompool is What if? (Demon in a armor/Venompool) Canle and Deadpool #50 does have prominence as being the last issue in the run and a lower print run then most of the series. Also how many times are you going to put the Dell Otto Harley on this list and bad mouth it because you passed on it. The reason this book is doing well is because everyone including the variant flippers had variant fatigue and passed on this it was available for a whole week, meaning most sold went to people who wanted them for their PC and are keeping them. Instead of 90% of the copies ending up on eBay because people buying them to make a buck. People think lightning will strike twice with the Ghostrider and Venom Dell Otto secret limited variants but unlike the Harley’s which were bought by collectors for their personal collection, all the venoms and ghostriders were snatched up in quantity within an hour by scalpers ready to take your buck here soon.

    • Khoi Cakes

      Your statement makes very little sense regarding the Harley Dell’Otto. How is this bad mouthing the book if it gets on the list? Look over the past Hot 10s and tell me where the book is badmouthed?The book has been moving and the prices have gone up. Whatever your opinion is, that does not change that fact. If the book doesn’t move, it doesn’t make the list. It’s true many of us may have passed on the book, but if we wanted to bad mouth it why mention it on the list in the first place? Btw, as many that may not have picked it up, there were as many if not more who did pick it up.
      As for the Deadpool Venom issue, none of the core guys came up with what was the first appearance. This was brought up by other members who strongly believe #50 is the correct issue. That’s a fight you guys can fight over yourselves, sour grapes or not. If someone buys the book, never forget it’s up to them to do their research – we just report what’s being bought.

      • Avatar

        It’s a combination of different articles saying this won’t beat the Hughes variant that I confused for all coming from the top 10 articles. My apoligies. Harley is hot right now even Batman Almost Got IM has 2 sales around $1000 in the last month with others at $500+ this kids book is becoming a contender in the Harley race as well.

  • Avatar

    I think that Ms. Marvel Molina cover is super cute. But the “rarity” angle is looking less compelling now with 10 unique copies appearing on eBay alone the last few months. I’m thinking it’s better to hold off on that one (along with the Dell’otto pink, a cover I also like) until the dust settles.

    Agreed on the “first appearance” of Venompool. The Cable/Deadpool book is a total red herring that will soon be forgotten. The market actually decided a long time ago that the What if? book is the relevant one to own, and it remains so.

    • Ben Steiniger

      I am neither endorsing nor rejecting any argument about what is the first Venompool appearance. Just stating what I see. There has been very little movement on What if? Iron Man, so apparently not everyone is so sure. I honestly don’t care either way–I own none of the books in question. We will see how this plays out over the next few months.

      On a side note, there are other prominent comic websites that have declared C&D #50 as the 1st Venompool appearance…

      • Avatar

        But it isn’t. The symbiote in the Cable/Deadpool book is not Venom and no one has ever said that it is. All symbiotes are not “Venom” as stated eloquently already by the poster above me.

        Whereas with the What if? book it’s stated quite plainly on the cover that it is Venom and Deadpool. There is no doubt and there is no reasonable debate to be had about it.

        Just another case of the sheeple being misled and not actually reading the books the are collecting and the speculators engaging in the typical pump and dump on a book that’s cheaper to buy (because the ship has mostly already sailed on the What if? book).

        • Avatar

          Totally agree with Iron Man: Demon in Armor as being 1st Venompool. I also agree that the ship has sailed on it, only 2 single copies on eBay right now, 1 for 50, the other 75!! The sets can still be had for 65+ in mid grade. It is a ghost on online comic sites as well. Seems the market is already turning to this as the true 1st. Cable and Deadpool 50 will be back down to 30 soon i believe.

  • Avatar

    You guys should all just sit peacefully, eat some fruit, and read some Valiant 😉

  • Avatar

    0 copies of Venom Space Knight on the bay….

  • Avatar

    KRS, Deadpool Venoms are now Sold out

  • Avatar

    Correction sold out if NOT pre-ordered at CGC 9.8.

  • Avatar

    Wanna know a really fast way to go broke? Speculate on brand new comics!

    • Avatar

      Well that’s the problem I have with the Comic book Industry today. There are way to many variants/covers, ect ect. In the case of the deadpool KRS variant, your getting 2 hot characters mashed up to make a third hot character with a small print run and a killer Cover and Art does sell. Alas. As written above to many variants. I think there are what 10 variants for this book and at least 6 have limited print runs.

      So there is a version for the reader, a collectors copy for the budget guys, a copy for I can afford a bit more guys and the serious cash flow bros. (or Gals).

  • Avatar

    Almost every book in this top 10 is a variant…I could make a one of a kind technicolor variant by eating bad Thai food and puking on the latest Spider-Man #1.
    Seriously though, these variants are worthless crap – newly printed paper, and just a $$$$ grab by the comic companies. This hurts fans and small comic shops, which will go out of business if things keep going this way. Manufactured collectibles are not valuable. I’d like to see a top 10 or 20 that factored in books from all eras together, based on story relevance and sustained value over time.

  • Avatar

    Can’t believe a Ms Marvel 2 variant just sold for almost $900!!!!! And it was unslabbed 9.0 condition. Anyone know how many copies were made?

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