Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #13 Pete Woods Variant – April 2011

green-lantern-emerald-warriors-13-pete-woods-variant-310764244510Hey Gang! Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown! This weeks cover features two of the biggest bad-a$$es in the history of DC comics! It has Batman and Guy Gardner! I give to you, Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #13, the 1:10 Pete Woods variant, from April 2011. Looking at the cover, it has your typical Batman pose, and your typical Gardner look! Something about this cover really grabbed me, and I am not sure if it is just the simple green color, or the two biggies on it, but I had to have it!

The regular print, had approximately 50k. So, being a 1:10, that means there are 5k of these out there. That is a decent amount, but if you look online, at the bay or amazon, there are only a handful of these out there. So either we are keeping these in our PC, or maybe there just isn't 5k out there. The good news is that the few that are out there are relatively cheap, with the most expensive being $15. I don't think this comic will ever command a $100 bill, but I could see it being $30-$40 if it catches on. Get out there, look for one, and grab it! Happy Hunting Fellas!

Just a quick shout out to Gary Nusser, of the CBSI Community! He brought to our attention, R.E.B.E.L.S. #20, featuring one of the best Lobo covers I have ever seen! If I had known about that before, it would definitely have been a CFTU! Great pick!



  • Avatar

    I miss when these articles were about actual rare comics, hard to find ones, you know, Comic Books to ….invest in….. dot….com – cool covers are nice and all dont get me wrong, but, you know

    • Khoi Cakes

      I find your post pretty disrespectful to Jason. He’s a great writer that brings up books that are unknown, like the title of his articles state. Are all of them going to be winners? Of course not, but that’s what happens when you dig throught the thousands if not millions of covers out there. But did you already forget his article on the JSC Hulk? SMH

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