COMICO RIDICULOSO – Batman’s Detective Comics #475

How the hell can a comic be overrated and underrated at the same time? Let me try to get there. Without opening the comic. Don’t hate me. I blab anyway, so I’m gonna give some COMICO RIDICULOSO articles a shot with just a cover. Because writing the others from cover to cover takes forever. And I’m low on forever, especially with the UNPRESSABLE DEFECTS taking up 1 night a week where Trey makes me drink. Or maybe it’s Khoi that does that. Or maybe it’s Mel so we can giggle, or Jimmy so my mind can be blown. Or Paul W. with his pics of Labatt's Blue Ice before I get off work.  I dunno. Nevertheless, here I go.

tec-475You know who sells comics? Batman. You know who else sells ‘em? The Joker. You know what sells ‘em even better? Those two together. I mean it’s the classic hero/nemesis/same/opposite kind of shit that’s been going on throughout comic history. Hell, all of literary and cinematic history. The Bible had some good and bad guys too. Although the Bible is much more ambiguous about who’s good and who’s bad.

hands-upIn any case, the Joker has freaking fish for guns. Laughing Fish Guns. That’s what he has. He screeches, “Hands up Batman I’ve got you covered!” The world’s greatest hand-to-hand combatant is somehow supposed to freeze, and after 40 years of fighting the Joker, put his hands up because of fish with smiley faces. And somehow Bats looks scared! bat-faceHow is that possible? Did The Clown Prince of Crime finally get The Bat??

Exactly what were the consumers thinking back in February 1978 when they approached the shop shelf, newsstand, or spinner rack? I mean, WOW. These smiley fish and their stupid mimicking faces look like Fleshlights for the highest purveyors of bestiality. A zoophile’s castle in the sky! It’s better than getting a ladder, breaking into an equestrian area, and becoming the Horse Fu***r of Mojave Narrows. Which happened in 1997 in the California High Desert. My high school girlfriend made an art project out of the newspaper article. Her project with construction paper and glitter decorating the Pulitzer-in-waiting was almost as hysterical as the fact a guy got caught banging horses. Almost.


But really, could these Fish-Dragon-Guns have been Erik Larsen’s inspiration for the Savage Dragon? Or at least a prototype? Spec alert! Savage Dragon first appearance! 216 issues going strong and no one knows who buys them! Well, maybe not, but I think this is at least the first appearance of the FishLight.

And still… How does any Batman fan possibly not own this? It doesn’t have to make any sense for it to be a classic Batman vs Joker showdown! Do your homework, almost every Joker cover gains a little monetary steam year by year! I got mine from Midtown in Manhattan, whichever one is closest to the Waldorf Astoria. Before my dad passed away we took a family trip before the “C” fully kicked in and he could still move around. A cool Batman souvenir PC piece that was $19.99 with a “VG” sticker on it. In all honesty they messed this up, book is a beaut and I’m completely convinced they meant to put the VF sticker on it. Their loss, my gain!

So if you’re a Batman-fan, make sure to find good old ’Tec 475 a home in your Batman long box. And don’t forget 476 while you’re at it. Oh, and if you found this article googling “bestiality” or “zoophilia,” please find a new website and stay out of comic stores.


  • Khoi Cakes

    “Stay out of comic stores” Ha!

  • Avatar

    Is the story about your HS girlfriend true? I need to see the piece she made!

  • Ioan L

    Best comic article I have read for a while, but excuse me now, I must alcohol my brain clean again.

  • Avatar

    Thank you! I bee waiting a long time for a new rediculoso!

  • Matt D.

    I’m trying to find the right comment for this article. The only thing I can come up with is: LOL.

  • Avatar

    Total classic. Classic cover and classic story. Unique and amusing as hell. The following issue (“The Sign of the Joker!”) is also nice.

  • merlin

    Maybe you should review far side comics! Big ups to nodlashomb for referring whatsoever to the story which is actually quite significant (and even funnier than the cover IMO). I believe you don’t have time for “writing the others from cover to cover”, but if I am going to read your articles I’d sure appreciate you READING or at least SKIMMING the 24 pages of the book you select, especially when it is affordable and easily attainable in reader-grade for the review. Seriously, you don’t even have to read the letters page. Your loss. This issue redefined the toxin known as “joker venom” to do substantially more to its victims than put a smile on their face, and represents a landmark in what would become one of the more horrifying attributes of the #1 D.C. Villain (and yes, 476 continues the story and in a way virtually unrecognizable by ex-card collectors is equally significant). As for the story, I hate to spoil a good laugh and would recommend reading the book. This is not a variant cover. Comics were still story-driven at the time of publication. Another cover article is fine, but attributing value without research…? I think this book is undervalued without a doubt. Hope not everyone hates me for saying “don’t judge a book you haven’t read”! This could easily be my favorite article, but I want some MEAT please! Thanks.
    PS if this book wasn’t key, I probably would have let it slide. Can I recommend adventure 285-299 for “tales of the bizarro world”? Covers can’t do them justice so if you’re going off of single stock images may as well leave em alone. I hope my response comes off as no less than the harsh constructive criticism it is intended to be and I appreciate your time.

    • Avatar

      Yeah if you’ve read my others they are about 5 times as long, and take me a week or more because I go page by page until I do it justice. Or injustice. Whatever. These are purely for laughs. I love this cover but I find it utterly ridiculous. These are really about making my friends laugh and a little cathartic humor for myself. I’m at about 500 words with just a cover. Sometimes that’s all the meat I have time for which is why there have only been 3 of these in the past, where I go page by page and even include the ads.

      • merlin

        I was too harsh, but I said it and let it rest. I’ll look up the others! Your writing was good, and made me laugh. I just got a bad bug. Still, that silly a$$ $#*+ evolved into something quite sinister.

        • merlin

          And seriously check out some of those “tales from the bizarro world” if you haven’t. There’s one in which Bozarro no. 1 and Bizarro jr. come to earth and become cops. It’s sheer lunacy.

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