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New comics day, new DC series (definitely low-key this week with Cyborg and Raven), Civil War II is late but comes out (can we please fast forward to the end? Wouldn't it be better if big events lasted a maximum of 3 months or so? Especially if they are supposed to set a new direction to a whole universe and have a glacial pace like this one … unless they are doing it on purpose to let Rebirth lose momentum? What's clear is that DC is kicking Marvel's ass when it comes to sales right now) and the indies keep a steady course … Let's take a look at what looks good, shall we?

Batman #7Batman #7

The Batman family relaunch has been discussed all over the Internet, but I have to say that they have me hooked for now. This issue starts a crossover with Nightwing (#5 also coming out this week) and Detective Comics and, while All-Star Batman is my favorite one right now, I am on board for the whole crossover. Considering Batman sales almost double the ones for Detective Comics and Nightwing, keep an eye for those two titles …

Trinity #1Trinity #1

Francis Manapul is going to make this book look absolutely beautiful and it's probably going to be the most accessible title featuring the characters the whole DC universe stands upon. Even though retailers have probably ordered accordingly and there will be lots of these around, this looks like a hit waiting to happen. Take a look at the preview for some crazy Manapul double page spreads to introduce the characters if you're not convinced.

Superman #7 Kenneth Rocafort VariantSuperman #7 Kenneth Rocafort Variant

No idea what's going on with Lois' eye up there, but another Superman issue means we are one step closer to Supersons. With the reintroduction of pre-Flashpoint Superman now finished, this issue should tell us what to expect from this series going forward.

Seven to Eternity #1Seven to Eternity #1

Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña doing fantasy … Of course, this is Remender so you know it's going to be a lot dirtier than you expect from fantasy. With Opeña doing the art, though, this book immediately becomes the book I am personally looking forward the most.

Revolution #1Revolution #1

You know when you used to play with your action figures and mixed them up to create your own crossovers? IDW tells us what happens 20 years later when comic creators decide to put those battles in paper. G.I. Joe, Rom, the Transformers, the Micronauts, MASK and Action Man fight each other and then some evil threat for 5 issues (and a few one-shots)! What a treat! Look out for the covers too, some awesome stuff going on in the series and the one-shots (if you ever wondered what Liefeld's ROM would look like, at least)

venomsk2015012-dc11Venom: Space Knight #12

Probably another happy accident, but people are really looking forward to classic Venom to come back. It looks like this started happening on the Space Knight series. In #11 we saw the symbiote being somehow unfairly treated by a certain friendly neighborhood webslinger which cliffhangered on it trying to take over Spider-Man. If you want to warm up in anticipation for the new series, why not start here? It seems like Venom's back!!!

Civil War II: Choosing Sides #6Civil War II: Choosing Sides #6

While the Jessica Jones story looks like a fun read, the main reason why this could be interesting is the White Fox story. A character that has gained some interest with a limited number of appearances, this story starring White Fox solo features art by Monstress' Sana Takeda, so it's going to look amazing.

Deadpool v Gambit #5Deadpool v Gambit #5

This mini has been a surprisingly fun read so far, and I say surprising because of a case of rampant gambitophobia I happen to suffer. I should have known that no series with Fat Cobra can be all that bad, though. For Deadpool completists, last issue saw the debut of Dead Fist, which you can see in all his glory in the cover above.

Vision #11Vision #11 chew-58-1Chew #58
 Clock's ticking and these two series are getting closer to their end. One issue left for Vision, two for Chew … Lots of people going to be sad about it, and even more if they cannot find copies because of the classic “reduced orders as we get closer to the end” effect. This is not an invitation to speculate on these at all, just a heads up for people who are not pulling these.

The Weekly Swipes

Probably should make it in a different article and actually take the time to go through all the covers, but whenever I see 2-3 obvious ones I cannot help but mention them. Disclaimer: I know I keep mentioning UDON's tribute covers, but I really think they are awesome. People of UDON, if you are reading and want to organize some sort of contest giveaway with all the tribute covers, let us know. If you want to give me a free set, we can probably work something out! In any case, you get my vote for most original tribute covers (and as I said last time, I am aware of using the words “original” and “tribute” in the same sentence sounds a bit oxymoronic, but tribute covers are really boring these days) ever at the next Harvey Awards!!!

Street Fighter Legends Cammy #3 Jeffrey Chamba Cruz Homage Variant Lois Lane #93
Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 Nei Ruffino Homage Variant Marvel Illustrated Swimsuit Special

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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    Lois’ eye is one thing! that mutant sized cow is another! LOL That thing is HUGE (and I lived on a farm all my childhood, so I know! Ha!)

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    Yeah, yeah, I know it’s me talking Valiant again, but Britannia #1 would be a good addition to the list. First appearance of a new Valiant character, prestige format book, Peter Milligan doing what he did best on Hellblazer, and Juan Jose Ryp on some violent art. Really cool book! Plus there’s a 1:50 Dave Johnson variant that is really nice looking.

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    I’m glad someone finally gave some love to that Venom: Space Knight cover. I might have to check that story out.

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