Vintage Hot 5 for 9/20/16



Fantastic Four #4


White hot in a recent auction setting and ebay prices seem to be in favor of a real spike for this long overlooked Silver Age Key. Laying in wait with a few other Marvel Silver Keys, it really feel like FF 4 will be among the next wave of issues to see get serious market corrections.


Lois Lane #105

Lois Lane 105

Slowly climbing over the past year or so, what was once a “secret flip” book that folks could snag on the cheap out of back issue bins, is now commanding record prices and residing on the walls of stores or dealers on top of their stock. (Thanks Khoi!)


Uncanny X-Men #221


Cooling off a bit from last week, but still recording some very nice sales is Mister Sinister himself. While we can expect the price as well as the book to cool off a little in the coming weeks, be sure to keep an eye out for more announcements which will send this book right back up the list.


Action Comics #252


Seems to be a fair amount of attention on this early Silver DC Key. Is this due to the show returning to television, or a long awaited price correction that seems to be still trying to climb? Could be both, one thing is clear though, this price is not coming down anytime soon.


Uncanny X-men #100

Uncanny X-Men #100

While prices have of #101 have been widely seen and acknowledged as rising, issue 100 is doing the same but being a lot quieter about it. While not worth quite what 101 is, this book is starting to earn “key issue” prices in the marketplace.

Star Trek #1

Star Trek #1

First appearance of the original Strek guys in comic form. An 8.0(new slab) recently came to auction and reminded collectors that it does have staying power, fetching close to $800.00.

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