Classic Cover of the Week 9/19/2016


New Week, New Covers!!

 national-comics-41 National Comics #41
The last of the “Patriotic covers” in this run penciled and inked by Alex Kotzky.  I'm officially done looking for a copy of this book.  Along with issue 27 this book is just not going to find a home in my PC anytime soon.  And I promise it is not because of a lack of trying on my end.  There is a single copy online right now but it has some ugly and intense resto, though someone might opt to give it a nice home.5 Universal CGC copies on the census with an average grade of 7.56  A lone 9.6 at the top and a mighty 6.0 at the bottom.SHELF DATE of April 1944




Four Favorites #22

Not positive what's going on with this cover, but I saw it a few weeks ago and though, though really busy, Rudy Palais did a fine job grabbing and keeping my attention.

2 on the Census a 7.5 and a 6.5

SHELF DATE of March 1946

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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