Batman Adventures #12 Comic Con Box

oneyearlaterHello, and welcome back to another One Year later! This week we take a look at a monthly subscription service that offered a reprint of Harley Quinn's very first appearance, Batman Adventures #12.

The most sought out character who was going to appear in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, the fine respectable folks at Wizard (yes, please note that is all sarcasm that last sentence) had the brilliant idea to do a variant cover for their Comic Con Box monthly mailer service. The book chosen was a Batman Adventures #12 with a new cover in both a color (black) and black and white sketch (more pricey)

A year ago, if you were lucky to secure a high grade copy which is always an adventure with gorillas packing monthly subscription boxes, you could've sold the black cover easily for over $50+. The book was so hot that it made it to the TOP 10 (again, the top 10 only reports hard data / facts / sales and is no
way speculating). Sure, it was Harley Quinn's first appearance, but a REPRINT, and the cover was new but kind of creepy with sexual overtones.

OK, now 52 weeks, and let me know if you read this before, gee, the hype has DIED down. There has been a TON of new Harley Quinn covers this past year and Suicide Squad covers with some epic new exclusive covers for the Rebirth launch. Needless to say, the Comic Con Box BA #12 has taken a nosedive in price.

Looking at the Bay, copies in NM condition are listed at $30 … This book is now yesterday's news and ICE COLD. Needless to say, the One Year Later Watcher has to give this a thumbs down.


Thank you for all the comments (I read every one) and be careful of super exclusives because, as you might have noticed (it's NOT a secret), there seems to be a super exclusive every month!!!! Proceed with caution!

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  • Avatar

    Maybe I’m not using the correct search terms, but I’m only seeing raws listed at $60-80 and sold sketch’s from $50-75. Don’t forget, it cost $30 just to get the box, so even if you are getting $30 that means you are getting all of the other items for free.
    Appreciate the work you put into this column!

  • Avatar

    9.8 sketch variants still stay above $90 although if the box was $30 and it costs at least $30 to grade you’re not at much of a profit.

  • Skot Whitman

    In all fairness this variant probably would have fared better had either of the Jonboy Meyers Fan Expo variant not been a thing and crushed all hope.

  • Keith S.

    I have to disagree a little with this analysis. It looks like the Comic Monster pretty much flooded the market with raw and graded copies within the last month and a half, which definitely affected the sold prices. If they had bothered to spread out the auctions on the graded copies, they probably would’ve gotten higher prices…maybe. But it looks like before that flood, colors were selling anywhere from $30-50 and B&W slightly higher. At those prices, people are still making money. So at worse I think it should be a draw, which if you have ever been to vegas, is a win.

  • Seeking NM Comics

    I have to disagree with this. You pay $30 for the box and sell the book for $30 and keeping the rest of the contents in the box is a plus to me. That is one of the best reprint of BA 12 that had controversial cover. With Suicide Squad 2, Gotham City Siten, and her own Solo Movie at work, this has the potential to have significant growth for the future. I would invest this now and get it for cheap while you can. I don’t see any virgin cover if this book in 9.8 in eBay, only raw copies.

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