Marvel’s Hip-Hop Variants (part 10)

Some more hip hop variants are set to drop soon. Here are some of the ones that are coming up.

c_limitq_80w_720%2fhttp-%2f%2fimages-origin-playboy-com%2fogz4nxetbde6%2f1kx0xotmhiccggauegqyqc%2f981ad428b850edf22a6f0b1d087d0c6f%2fultimates2_hip-hop_variantUltimates 2 1 nrainbrSalt N’ Pepa: Hot, Cool, Vicious
I once worked as a cashier at a supermarket. Pepa and Treach from Naughty By Nature came into said supermarket one day. I rang up groceries for Pepa and Treach. That’s my story.
c_limitq_80w_720%2fhttp-%2f%2fimages-origin-playboy-com%2fogz4nxetbde6%2f5yugebgl3qss22ag4ske2g%2fa7d275e359935d2b9c344e19b110baba%2finfamous_iron-man_hip-hopInfamous Iron Man 1 big-daddy-kaneBig Daddy Kane: Long Live The Kane
So in other words Dr. Doom is the Pimp and the Iron Men are his hoes??? Weird.
c_limitq_80w_720%2fhttp-%2f%2fimages-origin-playboy-com%2fogz4nxetbde6%2fsjhvfbgp8keeseqk2mqya%2f31a9a87d7a3681b235f406a0bd2f453d%2fjessica_jones_hip-hop_variantJessica Jones 1 d1a46c97Kevin Gates: Islah
Does this guy really have a tattoo of a gun on his hand so he can do that? I’m not going to make fun of him for that…he looks scary!
c_fith_1280q_80w_720%2fhttp-%2f%2fimages-origin-playboy-com%2fogz4nxetbde6%2f4llivo5qmekymimcwame0o%2fb7c5327c727b155dc4e620e6fd5e3fc0%2fcage_hip-hop_variantCage 1 3db27cc53278f6afdff8b72b1ab29267LL Cool J: Bad
The best of the bunch in my opinion. I love the art on this cover.
c_limitq_80w_720%2fhttp-%2f%2fimages-origin-playboy-com%2fogz4nxetbde6%2fsa8ysstu4og8uwie24mwc%2f7b9baa6df792a1be20b9aa756de1c59a%2fnova2016_hip-hop_variantNova 1 chance-3-artworkChance The Rapper: Chance 3
I don’t know who Chance the Rapper is and I don’t like this cover…pass
c_limitq_80w_720%2fhttp-%2f%2fimages-origin-playboy-com%2fogz4nxetbde6%2f13lshllkzauici6igaeuwy%2fe572ffd4f0eb4eab9b699a6c7f33f643%2fchampions_hip-hop_variantChampions 1 aa7a18c2a99cfab6093f5c73cc358aab-500x500x1Wu-Tang Clan: Iron Flag
Probably my second favorite swipe of this set. Not sure what either cover means but they look cool!



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