1 Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #221 (1987) Marvel Comics

uncanny_x-men_vol_1_221 WRITER: Chris Claremont
ARTIST: Marc Silvestri
The 1st appearance of Mister Sinister aka Nathaniel Essex is inside the pages of UXM #221. The reason this book is so hot right now has to do with the news this week that he was confirmed as the villain in the next Wolverine movie. Essex Industries were teased at the end credit scene of X-Men: Apocalypse. This latest news (which really isn't news to most) caused UXM #221 to be the hottest book of the week by far. Don't forget to check for the “So Much Fun” variant of this book either as it's selling for almost double the regular cover.

2 Black Lightning Vol.1 #1 (1977) DC Comics

black_lightning_vol_1_1 WRITER: Tony Isabella
ARTIST: Trevor von Eeden
Fox has allegedly picked this title and character up for a series down the road. Meh….. I think this is a quick flip if you have copies. Fox didn't do much for Lucifer's value when that series debuted and I don't think that trend will change for Black Lighting. Been a great few weeks for this book though as it went from dollar box to the wall all around the country.

3 Black #1 Baltimore Variant (2016) Black Mask Comics

WRITER: Kwanza Osajyefo
ARTIST: Jamal Igle
The surprise book coming out of Baltimore wasn't the DC foil covers, but this interesting title from Black Mask called Black. It was mentioned to us by Mel V in the podcast weeks prior to this release. It was a surprise for sure for those of us attending BCC when they showed up at the tables. Black Mask released 99 serial numbered copies of this book and it sold out on day 1 at $20 a copy. They have blown up as the anticipation of this book is starting to gain traction. I have one copy and plan on holding on to it to see what transpires. Raws are reaching $200 right now on the aftermarket with 9.8 copies being listed for $599.

New Teen Titans Vol.1 #2 (1980) DC Comics

WRITER: Marv Wolfman
ARTIST: George Perez
Deathstroke news is continuing to push this book even higher. Joe Manganiello has been cast as Slade and it's a perfect casting on the surface. I personally think this is the perfect villain to add to the DC cinematic universe. Hopefully, we can get a version of Robin in the movie as well, considering how Deathstroke's origins in the Titans book have him facing off against Dick Grayson as the leader of the TT. Good long-term book to hold onto. It has probably peaked, but this character grows in popularity each year.


5 Deadpool “Back in Black” #1 Kirkham KRS Color Variant (2016) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Cullen Bunn
ARTIST: Salvador Espin
KRS Comics hit a home run this past week with the Tyler Kirkham variant and return to Marvel. This book started gaining traction late last week and was sold out by Tuesday of this week I believe. It's an incredible cover. One of the best of the year for sure. The black and white also sold out and is rarer than the color, but the red and black coloring on this one make it the winner in my eyes.


6 Venom/Deadpool: What If? Vol.1 #1 (2011) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Shawn Moll
Though this isn't the 1st appearance of a Venom/Deadpool mashup (Cable/Deadpool #50) this is the book that most people associate with the character. The crazy part is, most people think this book is a variant and it's not. It's a collection of the stories Young did throughout the year in other Marvel books with the first being What If? Iron Man: Demon in an Armor #1. Great cover and a  book that will hold value for sure.


7 All-New Ghost Rider #1

WRITER: Felipe Smith
ARTIST: Tradd Moore
The first images of Robbie Reyes as Ghost Rider were released by ABC this week for Agents of SHIELD. They didn't look half-bad to be honest: the look is pretty true to the character inside the pages of this book. This isn't my favorite Ghost Rider, but the 1st appearance of Robbie is doing very well for a non-variant. It's been selling really well around the $10 range and it should continue until the premiere.

Harley Quinn Vol.3 #1 Rebirth Bulletproof Dell’Otto Pink (2016) DC Comics

WRITER: Amanda Connor
ARTIST: Jimmy Palmiotti
A lot of people have been wrong about this book so far. Most thought it would fall off, but to date it hasn't. Two CGC 9.8 copies sold for $950 dollars this week and raws are over $350. I love the cover and the book. Congrats to Bulletproof for a home-run on this book. I think it has a chance to be the second best Harley variant behind the Hughes in the long-run. Time will tell though.


9 Batman #1 Rebirth SDCC Foil Variant (2016) DC Comics

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: David Finch
Every week the original SDCC run of foil covers are going up in value. Raw copies of Batman #1 are selling at $150 consistently. Wonder Woman is gaining on him though in recent days. The problem with all these foil covers are their condition, most of them have severe defects or issues. The foil is delicate and the damage on the books sticks out like a sore thumb. The King run on Batman so far has been pretty abysmal with fans dropping off by the issue. King and DC need to correct this and, if so, this book could continue its ascension.


10 Green Lanterns #6 “Family Matters” Rebirth Misprint (2016) DC Comics

WRITER: Sam Humphries
ARTIST: Jack Herbert
This is a very strange book. I have no clue how many were printed or released. All I know is a few did and a certain story on a certain website caused collectors to take notice. All were destroyed allegedly minus a few that were given out as comps. There is one on eBay now for $150 with 3 days left. DC is having some internal issues right now at the printers for sure. First the Justice League #51 issue and now this. Collectors love rarity and this book seems to be exactly that.


The Uncanny X-Men #122 (1979) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Chris Claremont
ARTIST: John Byrne
1st appearance of the most powerful group in comic books, that's why. Screw Hydra, we run things!


Deathstroke Vol.3 #5 New 52 Manco Variant (2015) DC Comics

WRITER: Tony S Daniels
ARTIST: Tony S Daniels
This awesome Manco variant has picked up steam since the movie announcement last week in regards to Deathstroke. Been a hot one all week.

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  • Avatar

    Fell the AURA of Bulletproof Harley lol,Thanks for the Shout out TreyDay

  • Avatar

    Deadpool back in black is one of the best ever!

  • tsouthammavong

    how can deadpool back in black kirkman variant be on this list when it’s not even released yet? you going off of pre-order sales?

  • Jason S

    LMAO! Best Honorable Mentions to date!!

  • Avatar

    Nice write up! You guys can have all the Black Mask you want. I’m done with them as a publisher. I was sticking up for them for a long time, and was really anticipating 4 Kids. Now that book has been added to the long and consistent list of long delayed books in their roster. I’m done scrambling for their 17 variants per issue on a series that never sees #2. Such a weight off my chest!

    • Keith S.

      I’m with you, it’s worse than marvel and DC rebooting every other year!

    • Avatar

      agreed…. a dead studio for me …. one thing comic fans wont tolerate for ever is mass delays ( pretty much on every book from these guys) and over printing on the variants … why chase a 1/99 issue 1/2/3/ etc when there is 40 other different variant #1’s… I only hope Aftershock dont make the same mistake

  • Avatar

    Welcome to the joke site or the “reporting website” I was the one that started this whole trend by selling those Deathstroke variant on ebay, before me there was none on sell All of a sudden theres a bunch of copies all going for $100 plus. But of course like always this website just Reports the news, no inside trading here, but then again ainthing nothing but the blues on the news, cause what good is it to know After the fact that a comic is selling for a $100 plus, a Legit website would give its a members a heads up before it even hits peak, thats how u gain fans thats how u gain loyal members, if u need to charge then charge, better then making it free and just reporting stuff after the fact. Pay me and ill give u the top 10 before hit its a $100 plus, now thats how u do it Son, I dont need a site like this to tell me, I already got the game on the lock

  • Avatar

    The list is hot top 10, not top 10 spec books. What is so hard about this concept. A book only makes this list if it is moving a lot more than previously. Most important is that no one asked your opinion so stay in the shawdows and continue to lurk.

  • Matt DeVoe

    Man, Stan made me realize that I’ve really got to get my game on lock. Quick question, how does one lock down a game? And if I lock down my game, can it be unlocked? I like my game accessible.

  • AnthonyL

    Man if the game was so “on lock” you would know when to sell…..glad to know now how to gain members and loyal fans….go visit another groups webpage and follow their top 10…..just start your own top 10. fActs seems like just your kind of group….you’d fit right in

  • Avatar

    The Internet houses some very strange folk…….hot 10 is just that, not a whats going to be hot soon 10 anyway great article the back in black is amazing and at this time still some color variants available but only in a 2 pack deal with champions 1 but still worth it imo and i am hoping the venom dell otto can top the harley wish 9.8 service was offered on those.

  • Keith S.

    Hell fire FTW baby!

  • Avatar

    I can’t even. I came home from work today a little early with a migraine hoping to sleep it off. I was lucky enough to get about 5 hours of sleep. I woke up feeling great, but I just read stameco’s comment and I can feel the pain creeping back. Thanks for literally ruining my night with your garbage insight.

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    That Deadpool Back In Black Variant…WOW one of the greatest covers I have EVER seen!!

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    Ven-pool > Gwenom

  • Avatar

    Hey Trey nice list as always…I think a book that could have been on it is that virgin iron fist variant for issue 17. It had two sales last week for over $80 and you can’t find that book for any cheaper. It might be a monster if the show is good. And just imagine what a cgc 9.8 could bring.

  • Avatar

    Wish I was able to get one of the Venom 1 variant through Frankie’s Comics. What are you thoughts on the collectible value of comics vs capitalism. We all need to make money, I got that. But when people hoarded 6-10 of these it really limits the collectible value of the book. They are selling for over $220 on Ebay pre sale, and the buyer still has 6 remaining.

    I love Dell’ Otto and would have loved to have a copy for my collection. Buying a book unseen, not knowing the condition of the book through shipping seems to be very risky for that type of dough. Again, I totally understand the almighty dollar but this kind of left a bad taste in my mouth when a few buyers have a huge chunk of the inventory. Thanks guys

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