The Day After Wednesday for 9/15/16

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After Wednesday” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 9/14/16. They could still be at your shop.

Sorry for the long break in this article! I should be back on track for the future. Thanks for reading!


1579478_xlSCARLET WITCH #10 1:15 COSPLAY VARIANT – Do you know how much it kills me to put a cosplay variant in Hot? There are TWO big and obvious reasons why this book is doing so well. Another reason is all thanks to the last round of Cosplay variants leaving a very bad taste in the mouths of both collectors and shop owners. Financially, they did terrible with these. Because of that, stores didn’t order many (or any) of these this time. Hence, a decent Silk cosplay hits last week and boom, big price jump. That price jump carried over into this week’s SCARLET WITCH (still doing well at $36). Will this retain value? Long term, no. I don’t think so. But for now, it’s an easy $20-$25 book.


Animosity #2ANIMOSITY #2 – Right now, this is selling very consistently at $8-$10 plus shipping. The 2nd print is still doing really well from last week at $10-$15. The 3rd print is currently at $8. Most stores and readers didn’t see those new prints even hit their shelves. Due to final orders being before the 1st issue’s popularity, this 2nd issue was another book that barely made it to the shelf. Copies dried up instantly. Despite some silly elements, this story is a fun read. Will it ever see content? I don’t believe so. Regardless, it should have some legs for a while and will see a small, yet steady, increase in value.

Black Panther #6 UDON 1:25 VariantBLACK PANTHER #6 UDON 1:25 VARIANT – This was absolutely the hot variant of the week. Pre-selling at a height of $40, this was on everyone’s radar as they stepped into their LCS yesterday. However, a small flood hit eBay and undercutting dragged this down swiftly to $20. There are well over 40 copies currently listed, so it’ll be a while before this sees an increase in price. It’s a great cover, so it could easily have long legs. If you bought one, tuck it away in your long boxes.

1579477_xlGWENPOOL #6 COSPLAY VARIANT – Currently selling for $10 to $14, this 1:15 variant disappeared from shelves yesterday thanks to the success of the Silk Cosplay variant last week. This $10-$14 is the height for this Gwenpool cover.


1560207_xlANCIENT DREAMS #1 (ROTHIC) – This book apparently is selling for $8-$10 (plus shipping). That seems pretty good for a $3.99 comic. Searching for this can be tricky as there are different release dates listed, TPB’s with the same cover as this issue and an older series from 2012 with various harder to find covers. From what I can tell, there’s only one cover for this.

DARK SOULS LEGENDS OF THE FLAME #1 (OF 2) (TITAN) – As Comics Heating Up reported earlier this week, Cover A did not hit stores yesterday due to an error in shipping by Diamond. Seeing that there’s not even a single copy listed, it appears that none snuck through either. If you do have one, right now is the time to sell.

DOOM PATROL #1 – Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol has finally come, and it brought six covers with it. Which is strange, since all the other Rebirth titles are 2-3 covers. All of these are selling for the same amount. Will this have legs? It’s hard to tell. I would instead ask your LCS if they have any of the free Young Animals’ Ashcans lying around. That ashcan has a lot of potential as it holds Way’s 1st Doom Patrol along with additional new DC characters not yet released.


1560670_xlFLESH OF WHITE #1 (OF 4) (COSMIC TIMES) – One copy is currently listed and only one copy has sold (at cover).

THE FOREVERS #1 (BLACK MASK) – While this book and its variants aren’t doing much right now, if you happen to have the limited to 66 copies SDCC variant, now is the time to sell. A raw copy sold for $75 and there are no raw copies currently listed. The market is yours.


GRIMM V2 #1 (DYNAMITE) – This book doesn’t have any current heat, however (for you horror cover fans) there’s a cutout mask variant that’s pretty creepy.


JACK THE LANTERN SALVATION #0 – Cover c (the retailer incentive) is selling for $10 if you need a quick $5.

RESIDENT ALIEN THE MAN WITH NO NAME #1 (OF 4) (DARK HORSE) – While searching for this, Spacehog’s 1997 Resident Alien album came up and reminded me how much I loved “In the Meantime”. I haven’t thought of or heard that song in a really long time. So, thanks Dark Horse!


SOLO #1 (MARVEL) – I kind of remember this character from the 90’s. Why bring him back now? Marvel’s plans are always very specific and usually tie into content. My guess is probably AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. However, he has ties to Luke Cage/Iron Fist on Heroes for Hire and also with Deadpool on his Mercs for Money team. So, there’s plenty of places for this character to pop up. With that said, stick to the $1 bin if you do go digging for his first appearance (Web of Spider-Man #19). These ancillary characters are specs that dry up really fast.

SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE ONE SHOT 2ND PTG – While this isn’t doing anything right now, keep in mind that this 2nd print has a low print run and Spawn fans collect EVERYTHING. Will it ever be expensive? No. But, if you find it at cover, tuck it away for a few years and maybe it could be.

STRAIN MR QUINLAN VAMPIRE HUNTER #1 (OF 5) (DARK HORSE) – This season of THE STRAIN has been fantastic. It’s moving much better then previous seasons. Quinlan is a great character and I almost want the whole show to be about him and his past 1000 years. This is pretty much a supplement to what they’ve shown very briefly on the series.


  • Gwenpool4President

    Animosity is already shaping up to be a great series. Hadrian’s Wall might not have caught fire on the secondary market, but it was a well-written issue, with jaw-dropping art.

  • Avatar

    That write up is ignoring that who the cosplayers are matters. Some of these people do have followings and Yaya Han, who’s on that Scarlet Witch cover, is one of the most popular cosplayers in the US. Squirrel Girl in a few weeks will feature Riddle, another very popular cosplayer.

  • Avatar

    The original cosplay variants sucked because it was basically pictures of fans dressed up in their favorite characters costumes taken form different cons.

    Regular Joe Shmoes. Remember that wonderful Thor cospaly variant?? Yikes.

    These cosplay variants are pics from “professional” cosplayers who do this for a living. Who have a genuine fan following and let’s face it, do great work with their costumes and are photogenic.

    That alone helps… and big boobs!!

    That Gwenpool cosplay variant I have a feeling won’t be as popular… but thatès just me.

  • Evensiphon

    I know what spell that witch casted… uh roh.. but seriously I never wanted real life photos of superheroes on my comics. I get the blank covers or even the action figures but some random girl in a cosplay outfit well maybe the back of my comic would be fine in a upper corner in the back however I like art inside and outside of a comic don’t go picaso on me and say it’s another expression of art i don’t care I didn’t fall in love with random strangers in real life outfits.. oh wait i do know a nice book where lady’s have super powers and look like bunny’s that was the other book i “read” as a kid and if i want to stare at someone in a costume i will buy those again. I don’t need fantasy characters to come to life on a comic book save it for the big screen.

    • Avatar

      Then… don’t buy these covers. Ya know, they are variants, so… i don’t quite know what this rant is about.

      • Evensiphon

        Sorry boi next time i will start my post off with in my opinion.. However.. I love art, so i fail to see cosplay variants as a art, and simply put a easy / lazy way to make a cover. This is all my opinion, yet might be the reason why not many cosplay variants hold much value in the market today? I guess i’m old, a variant back in my day was another “comic book artist” attempt to make a different cover for the one that already existed. So.. I’m just old and not use to a picture trumping anything a skilled artist can do so my bad boi. 🙂

  • Avatar

    Finally “The Day After Wednesday” is back!!!
    Anyone noticed the boobs?… ME TOO!! 🙂

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