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Marvel's still counting down to the end of Civil War II so they can get their soft relaunch on the way and fight against DC's tsunami of #1s and fortnightly titles. DC is launching a new imprint based around D-list characters and Gerard Way as “show-runner”. Meanwhile, the rest of the comic world is putting out some really good comics out. At least most of them do not put out cosplay variants …

All-Star Batman #2 Jock VariantAll-Star Batman #2 Jock Variant

Scott Snyder is giving us a high-octane action movie starring Batman and, after all the psycho-drama of his previous Batman, I can only say “More, please” … JRJR's art looking great and Jock's covers are the cherry on top.

Doom Patrol #1Doom Patrol #1

This is going to be my favorite book this week … Gerard Way's work on Umbrella Academy is a lot of fun and Nick Derington's art is amazing. It's the Doom Patrol, so not for everyone but it might take some of My Chemical Romance's fans unaware. All the variants are amazing!

Detective Comics #940Detective Comics #940

If you read the last issue, the cliffhanger left us with one of the main characters getting ready for the ultimate sacrifice. Will they or won't they? Probably not, but if you check the originally solicited cover it looks like a definitely maybe …

Flash #6Flash #6

The most hyped villain of Rebirth (everybody knew his name before he made it to the page, which doesn't seem very organic) gets his first full cover and a lot of us are hoping that he's worth it.

Suicide Squad #2Suicide Squad #2

Even if Jim Lee is only drawing half of this comic, if you think back to the last decade, any Jim Lee art is always more than welcome and a luxury. This makes the story flow a bit slower, but if it's good, people will not mind.

A-Force #9A-Force #9

Fun cover paying tribute to EC Comics cover layouts (it will probably look great next to the Guardians of the Galaxy variants that came out a while ago).

Black Panther #6 UDON 1:25 VariantBlack Panther #6 UDON 1:25 Variant

Not my favorite Black Panther cover, but it's still getting people excited plus it's an incentive variant, so it might do something short term, but I am not sure it will have legs.

Animosity #2Animosity #2

One of the indie titles of the year, #1 drove the market crazy and is getting a 3rd printing this very same week. Looks awesome, but I am still catching up with The Fix (#5 coming out this week, by the way).

Art Of Lola Xoxo #1 Sketch VariantArt Of Lola Xoxo #1 Sketch Variant

Siya Oum's artbook focusing on her Lola XOXO work. These normally require the artist to go supernova to do something in the market, but if you like Oum's art …

Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original #2 Brian Level 1:20 Tattoo variantSons of Anarchy: Redwood Original #2 Brian Level 1:20 Tattoo variant

Putting this one here because the tattoo variant for #1 made some noise last month. It might be worth it if you can get it cheap.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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  • Gwenpool4President

    To each their own, but I think that Black Panther variant is tops. I’m definitely on board with Animosity.

  • Avatar

    That Black Panther 6 variant is the best on this list IMO. Definitely picking up Doom Patrol and Lola XOXO sketch variant for sure.

  • Iñigo

    Haha, just to clarify, I don’t hate the BP cover, but we have had some really awesome covers lately and compared to those (and to the French TPB I got yesterday with the Dell’Otto cover) this falls a bit down my BP Top Covers, I guess … Having said that, and knowing how wrong my instincts normally are, this will be everybody’s favorite BP covers for years to come 😀

  • tsouthammavong

    I can’t stand JRJR’s art is the reason why I’m not reading the All Star Batman book right now. I didn’t pick up the Jock cover just cause I like his work.

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