Subject 13: Red She-Hulk AKA: Elizabeth “Betty” Ross-Banner


Well, it's been a couple weeks and as promised, I'm back with your Wednesday fix!

One of the things I hear over and over is, “Why didn't you tell us sooner!” Many people don't seem to realize that nobody has a crystal ball. It's funny, you'd think by now folks would realize crystal balls are not a real thing. Sorta like a zero risk investments with a 1000% guaranteed return, they're a myth. Who knows what's going to be the next big book or which characters are going to show up on screen. Well, until the rumors start… Then everyone knows and it's already too late.


With that in mind, I think the best way to combat that is to discuss books and characters before there's any hype about them. Then when the news finally breaks, it won't be a scramble. I think it’s a safe bet any character from Marvel or DC has the potential to make an onscreen appearance… Obviously some of them are going to be long shots. Red She-Hulk is a long shot. Let's face it, she started out as a sales gimmick. I really like Red She-Hulk as opposed to the other green She-Hulks, regardless if she's a gimmick or not.


To be totally honest, to me Betty was always just the obligatory girlfriend to the torchered hero Bruce Banner, until she became Red She-Hulk. Much like Jane Foster becoming Thor, Betty got a shot at being powerful for a change, trading up from the damsel in distress. With the winds of change at Marvel blowing and diversity being all the rage. A strong female character like Red She-Hulk might fit in well with the current direction.

When Red She-Hulk hit the scene nobody really knew it was Betty, at least I didn't. I've never been a very big Hulk fan. Maybe the signs were there that Betty was the Red She-Hulk. Regardless, it was new to me.


Hulk vol 1 #14 1:10 variant cover. This particular variant is much like Gwen Pool’s first appearance. It’s a ratio variant cover and the Red She-Hulk's only appearance in issue 14 is on this cover. Roughly 7,500 copies… Probably less since there was also a Deadpool 1:200 variant and a cover C. I’m not sure what the ratio is on the cover C. The other cool thing about the 1:10 cover is it's got some foreshadowing. Red She-Hulk and Wolverine are going to throw down at some point. While 75 hundred copies really isn't that rare, once collectors start tucking them away in private collection, the print run becomes irrelevant. Like any book, once they're gone, they're gone.


Hulk vol 1 #15. First interior appearance. It’s a cliffhanger cameo of her on the last page stepping on Wolverine’s head. Epic entrance to the Marvel Universe actually. The 1:15 variant has less than 4k copies. Neither cover features the Red She Hulk, which is to be expected since her appearance is only a cameo. Also the books is really about Red Hulk, who throws down with Wolverine in this issue. Poor Wolverine. I mean he's tough but fighting Rulk then She-Rulk back to back like that, Logan's tough, but nobodies that tough.


Hulk vol 1 #16. First full interior appearance, also second cover appearance. Red She-Hulk vs Wolverine… Among other heroes and villains. There’s a 1:200 variant with Deadpool and Red Hulk, only about 280 copies at best… Let’s face it, how many retailers ordered 200 copies of that book, really. I love the 1:15 variant, it's probably in my top 5, definitely in my top 10. Wolverine vs Red She-Hulk slugging it out on the cover, hell yeah! As you folks all know by now, I'm a sucker for books where characters actually fight. The 1:15 variant has roughly 3,700 copies, most of which are probably tucked away in private collection. The regular covers not too shabby either.


Savage She-Hulks #1-3. This is a mini series you just can't go wrong with. The regular covers feature a J. Scott Campbell connecting cover. Issue #1 has a Women of Marvel variant and Issue 3 has a 1:15 variant by JSC. Issue #2-3 has interior artwork by Jonboy Meyers. If the name sounds familiar it's because he's the artist responsible for both Batman Adventures #12 Fan Expo covers. Jonboy Meyer's is definitely an artist to watch if he's not already on your radar. Not to mention everyone's fighting each other.


Incredible Hulk #606-610. These issues have Red She-Hulk appearing in either the main story or the back-up, depending. Issue #606 has She Hulk vs Red She-Hulk in the back up story. The arc for these back-ups is related to the Code Red arc from Hulk Vol 1 #14-#17. Want to know why Red She-Hulk is wearing the tattered remains of Domino's outfit and tells Wolverine Walters is dead in Hulk #16? That all happens in these back-ups.

In the Incredible Hulk #609’s main story, Red She-Hulk is killed and her identity is  finally revealed. But this is comics, so nobody stays dead for long and she’s back in #610.


Red She-Hulk #58-67. Something else kinda interesting about Red She-Hulk is the end of Hulk volume 1 stops at issue #57 in November of 2012 and starts back up as Red She-Hulk and runs for 10 more issues. It picks up the numbering at #58, then is canceled in September 2013 with issue #67. I give Marvel a lot of crap because they reboot books with new numbers like most people change underwear. But I gotta say, having her take over the book at #58 was pretty cool. Good luck finding those variants though. The Greg Horn cover for #58 is sweet and on many collectors radar already. It's been mentioned many times on this site and Trey “coincidentally” posted about it late Tuesday night on the g+ group.


Defenders (2011) #1-12. Oddly enough, this is the one Defenders series that doesn't include Valkyrie however it has Red She-Hulk instead. The first 6 or so issues has interior artwork by Terry Dodson and I believe he does most of the regular covers for the series. There are a few ratio variants, like 1:25's for the first part of the series. A couple that might be worth a look is the 1:200 Neal Adams cover with Red She-Hulk front and center for issue 1. Issue 2 has the 1:50 Venom month variant and supposedly a second printing variant also.

Hulk Vol 2 #8 Is the issue where Betty gets depowered or un-Hulked, whichever you prefer. I was really disappointed when I read this. I had hoped maybe after or during Secret Wars she'd return. Sadly, that wasn't the case.


An interesting side note, the idea of Betty Ross being “She-Hulk” was explored in Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #3 released in May 2009. It’s in the Ultimate universe and she’s just generic green, not red,  also not part of the normal continuity so doesn't really count. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a “What If” that explored the idea much like Jane Foster as Thor that pre-dates this. There's also a second printing out there of this for those looking for something to chase.


In the age of the modem, by the time the news breaks it’s too late. You have to be ahead of the curve, so far ahead you're investing in books before even a whisper of the possibility is heard. While nothing is even rumored for any of the She-Hulks at this point, you have to figure it’s just a matter of time.

Sadly, I have to admit, it’s more likely we’ll see Jennifer Walters green skinned She-Hulk before we get a Betty Ross Red She-Hulk… But one can dream.

I think that does it for this week. As always, there's probably something I've missed so sound off in the comments below!

Update 12/6/16

I just realized that Red She-Hulk #58 is actually the equivalent of a RSH #1. It's the first time RSH has a title/logo/trade dressing, whatever you want to call it. Copies have been drying up of the Greg Horn and the 1:20 variant on eBay. The Hulk #16 1:10 variant has also appeared to dried up also.


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