Hush, Alien Nation, New Warriors, Ken Landgraf & Crazy Jane!

Wizard 0

Wizard is the comic gift that keeps on giving. I continually find little nuggets of gold within it’s pages and I don’t just mean stuff to speculate on! This long running publication is a treasure trove of interviews, original art, and other tasty treats worth pouring over again and again. In this case Wizard decided to get the creative team behind Hush to do a poignant short which fits nicely between chapters nine and ten. You can’t have the complete series without it and there's some significance for Catwoman fans, it’s the first time she enters the Batcave.


Alien Nation: The Movie Adaptation

First appearance of Alien Nation characters

Most people have probably forgotten about this movie. A kind of buddy cop film about the racism emigrating aliens from another world face in America, it’s one of James Caan’s best. It was popular enough to get a TV series and a few comic series as well. Now it appears a return to the screen in eminent.


Marvel Age 89

I am not that excited about a New Warriors show but I do like Squirrel Girl. But Squirrel Girl wasn’t in the first series so I guess we are just speculating on the name. Are there any New Warriors books to spec on besides those over-printed Thor books and issue 1 of the first series? The final few issues have lower print runs and there’s a Deadpool appearance in 53. That’s slim pickins for a series that ran for over 70 issues. I dig the cover on this one though.


Superman Family 184

First pro work-Ken Landgraf

You may be asking yourself, who the hell is Ken Landgraf? Ken is an illustrator and artist who has worked for both DC and Marvel. He also did some indie stuff you are sure to not remember but recently one of those series was optioned: NYC Outlaws. When you think of prolific 70’s and 80’s super-hero artist Ken might not be the first person who comes to mind. Some of his work is quite good and for people who collect certain artist’s and their first pro stuff then this one is worth a look.


Doom Patrol V2 #19

First Crazy Jane

DC is bringing back Doom Patrol and normally I wouldn’t care. They’ve done it many time since Grant Morrison’s defining run and they have all been pretty pale in comparison. But this time they have hired Umbrella Academy writer Gerard Way to write the series and I couldn’t be happier. He is perfect for this comic. Of all the characters who have been in Doom Patrol, Crazy Jane is still my favorite. She’s a psychotic female who’s brain houses over 60 personalities and they all have their own super power! So I was pretty happy to hear that Way will be using her. As far as speculation I would probably stay away from Doom Patrol unless a movie gets announced and I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon.



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