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After a two week vacation I’m back! Don’t all applaud at once!!! A recent post by Israel Hinojosa on the Google+ page and subsequent shout out by everyone’s favorite cross-dresser Khoi Cakes made me realize that I really am an idiot. How have I never done an article highlighting swipes dedicated to the first appearance of my favorite superhero team growing up the X-Men! I will rectify that with my latest article and be an idiot no longer…or will I? To the swipes!

X-Men #1X-Men 1

The book that started it all for one of Marvel’s most popular franchises. Rumor has it an employee of DC who defected to Marvel relayed DC’s premise for the Doom Patrol team and Stan Lee ran with it. It seems like Marvel always steals the ideas but makes them better somehow.

Uncanny X-Men #104X-Men 104

A very cool way to introduce the new team of X-Men. Kind of funny that Colossus is in Jean Grey’s spot.

thor_vol_1_427Thor 427

Is this the first appearance of Excalibur? I actually had a subscription to Excalibur. Embarrassing I know.

marvel_knights_4_vol_1_24Marvel Knights 24

Another great swipe by Mike Allred. There is something very classic about his art.

Marvel Zombies #4

Marvel Zombies 4

One of the few X-Men swipes I have actually written about in the past. Jean Grey is in two pieces!

a47Transformers 12 NYCC Exclusive Cover

One of the books Israel recently purchased. I have never seen it and I absolutely love it! Thanks for bringing it to my attention Israel! Did I mention I was born in Israel? Weird!

1-14-2015-27Dungeons and Dragons 7

I was never into D&D but this is a cool cover.

Avengers #18 Marvel 50th AnniversaryAvengers 18 Marvel 50th Anniversary Variant

The other book in Israel’s post. A beautiful homage to a classic cover. I need one!

Avengers_Vol_5_24.NOW_Avengers_as_X-Men_Deodato_VariantAvengers 24.Now

Another book I covered recently.

All-New-X-Men-33-Hasbro-Variant-656a1All-New X-Men 33

I swear if I had enough money I would collect these Marvel figures as well. They are so friggin cool!

Thanks again to Israel and Khoi for giving me the idea for my article this week. Hope you guys enjoy!

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