Young Justice #38 – December 2001 – Walt Simonson

young_justice_vol_1_38Welcome Back to this Friday's episode of Covers from the Unknown! Looking back in the history of Superman comics, we have had a few iconic Superman-Joker covers. I am talking about Superman #9, Action Comics #714 and Adventures of Superman #14. Another one that is out there, with a low print run, albeit, not an “amazing” cover, is Young Justice #38, from December 2001. This is another Superman-Joker cover, this time by Walt Simonson. One other thing going for this book is it is part of the Joker's Last Laugh storyline. It also happens to be one of the smallest print runs of any of the storyline's tie-ins.

Looking on the ‘bay and amazon, there are not a lot of these out there. They are also not very expensive at this time. Could that change? It could. As we know, it only takes a few to make a comic desirable. Go out, find one in a high grade, and hold on. You never know, and your wallet won't hurt that much either. Happy Hunting Fellas!


  • Paul

    Great cover, thanks for the heads up and info!

  • Evensiphon

    I know this is off topic but how does one truly know what a comic is worth? I see what people price on ebay and CGC says comic price guide and then there is my comics and over street price guide all have a different price for comics. It gets confusing I miss wizard price guides when I was a kid lol.

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