We will be looking at what has happened to the market in the week following the announcement of the #1 book. Trends, listings, and sales prices will be tracked from the perspective of both raw and the highest CGC graded books.


The book caught on fire with the sneak peek from Ben Affleck that Deathstroke the Terminator would appear in the new Batman movie. The casting news that Joe Manganiello will play Deathstroke has only put fuel on the fire for this book. A popular key book even before the news, the book making its way to the #1 spot on the Top 10 was a no-brainer.

Active Listings

As of 9/9/16, there are only 151 active listings on eBay. From these active listings, 52 are slabs. Raw values are ranging from the lowest at $89 and rising to $200 for a 7.0 (BIN). Slab listings are ranging from $850 – $900 for a 9.8 grade. Then there is a big drop off to $435 for 9.6 slabs.

Completed Sales

There have only been 41 completed sales/BINs through 9/9/16 with 13 of those being graded sales. The most recent slab listing was a CGC 9.6 at $380. A CGC 9.8 went for $760 on 9/6/16.

Market Analysis

This book will only get hotter up until the movie debuts with more sales happening . However, I think the price has capped off on the market. To me, this book after the movie will obviously cool down. If the movie is good, I can see a 9.8 CGC/CBCS staying around the $400-$500 area. (Photo below: GPA Comics)

Sales and Copies being sold per year


2016 9.8 CGC Sales per week


Charts obtained from GPA


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    I sold my raw copy for 300$ I listed it as NM and it is a real beauty. So I can see more sales occuring on this book over the next few weeks in the range of 240$ to 300$ NM or better RAW.

    Deathstroke has always been a cool character and beloved by the fans.

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    This was always for me a massive want book , cool villain/ anti hero whatever and was just waiting for the right copy to come on before buying.- looking at prices in the UK – i was eyeing up a vfn/nm for the average of £60-80 on ebay and a copy £95 in my LCS ( jokers) before the announcement . After announcement boom . VFN/NM looking at £120-160 +. I think this well still think there is a lot of gain on it even at that price.

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