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This review of Previews Magazine is intended to bring order to the chaos and draw out all of the wonderful nuggets of goodness that are coming out in a couple of months at your LCS. Most retailers will offer 20-50% off cover price for pre-orders. Retailers may not order enough quantity for hit books and may not order certain indie titles at all. Pre-ordering is your chance to guarantee that you don’t miss out.

cofThe goal is to highlight new series and interesting offerings. Unless something stands out from an already ongoing series I have left it out. I’ve also skipped over the new books coming out that are for adults only (cartoon porn) to keep it more PG.

Some improvements for this instalment:

  • To avoid having a single unreadably huge article, this month will be broken down in 2 articles, with the second part coming next week.
  • I’ve tried to make the article’s layout more user friendly and there is now a Crossover Events section.
  • If you’re a completist, you’re going to love the expanded Variant Themes section at the end.

There are 5 Wednesdays in November. Lots to pre-order! Order deadline is September 18th. Let’s see what the future holds!

N.B. This information is based on the current Previews publication and may not include changes to shipping dates, cancellations or additions of multiple printings.

Interesting Stuff


stl024782 stl023994

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 – Wayne Brady, the actor, writes a Spider-Man story. Something different to put on an SS label. (3 covers)

Civil War II #8 (of 8) – Classified. This should be the last issue. Again. (5 covers)

Ghost Rider #1 – Robbie Reyes rides again around the time the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show will be airing its new season. New villain introduced. (8 covers – see theme variants)

stl023824 stl024019

Spider-Man/Deadpool #11 – Written by Penn Jillette. First appearance of Penn & Teller in comics?

Venom #1 – Venom is back to being plain, old Venom. And he likes to be bad. (6 covers – see theme variants)


stl023138Mother Panic #1 – A new vigilante is in Gotham – first appearance. (3 covers)

American Mythology

stl023118Stargate Universe: Icarus #0 – This is a preview to the prequel mini-series set to be released in 2017 from American Mythology.

Dynamite Entertainment

stl024007Myopia Special #1 – Once a Kickstarter campaign, this steampunk reality shows us a world where the government uses special lenses to cover up devastation from over mining of the earth’s core.


stl024089A.D.: After Death #1 (of 3) – A cure for death has been found.

Valiant Entertainment

stl022896A&A #9 – Armstrong has finally found his wife. First appearance? (4 covers)

New Series – Premium Publishers


stl023859 stl023861 stl024779

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 – Peter, MJ and Annie all have Spider-Powers. (5 covers – see theme variants)

Avengers #1 – After Civil War, this new team must fight their greatest foe. (8 covers – see theme variants)

Avengers #1.1 – It’s a step back in time to when some new recruits took over the reins of the Avengers. (4 covers – see theme variants)

 stl023862 stl023963 stl024264

Black Panther: World of Wakanda #1 – A brutal and tender love story taking place before they were The Midnight Angels. (8 covers – see theme variants)

Foolkiller #1 – Foolkiller is now a psychiatrist rehabilitating supervillains. (6 covers – see theme variants)

Invincible Iron Man #1 – Can Riri successfully continue the legacy of Iron Man?

stl024994 stl024000 stl024002

IVX #0 – Prologue to the upcoming Inhumans versus X-Men series. (3 covers)

Occupy Avengers #1 – Hawkeye stands up for the little guy. (5 covers – see theme variants)

Thanos #1 – If you think your family has issues, see how Thanos and his relatives get along. (5 covers – see theme variants)

stl024018 stl024006

Ultimates 2 #1 – Galactus calls on some powerful heroes from the Marvel Universe to help him with the Cosmic Jailer. (5 covers – see theme variants)

Unworthy Thor #1 (of 5) – On quest to regain his worthiness, Thor discovers another Mjolnir. (7 covers – see theme variants)


stl023291 stl024557 stl023293

Catwoman: Election Night #1 – Catwoman gets involved in Gotham’s politics. (2 covers)

New Talent Showcase #1 (of 1) – Writers from the DC Talent Development workshop bring you stories featuring your favorite DC heroes.

Super Powers #1 (of 6) – The Trinity are featured in an all-ages mini-series. (3 covers – see theme variants)


stl024106 stl024095

CBLDF Liberty Annual 2016 – An anthology about some fine people who have changed our world. (2 covers)

Frontier #1 – Billed as ‘Star Trek, but super depressing’, at least there are bonuses in the issue to cheer you up.

stl024100 stl024104

Mayday #1 (of 5) – A cold war mission sees 2 young soviet operatives attempt to kill a defector in the U.S., but the plan goes sideways quickly. (2 covers)

Violent Love #1 – A modern Bonnie and Clyde story. (2 covers)

IDW Publishing

stl024458 stl024495 stl024472

Batman/TMNT Adventures #1 (of 6) – Batman tracks down villains escaped from Arkham to TMNT’s New York City. (6 covers – see theme variants)

Donald Quest #1 (of 5) – Donald Duck meets steampunk. (3 covers)

M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #1 – After the events in Revolution, M.A.S.K. goes up against V.E.N.O.M. (7 covers – see theme variants)

stl024465 stl024483 ydk-1-cover-with-logo-675x1024

Optimus Prime #1 – A new alien invasion comes to Earth. (7 covers – see theme variants)

Wynonna Earp Legends: Doc Holliday #1 – Wynnona and Doc are up against the Pinkertons. (4 covers – see theme variants)

Yakuza: Demon Killers #1 (of 6) – A thief is caught in a battle between demons and the Yakuza. (3 covers)

Dark Horse

stl024111 stl024848

Ether #1 – An interdimensional explorer is tasked with solving tough crimes. (2 covers)

Hellboy and the BPRD 1954: Unreasoning Beast #1 (of 2) – A ghost hunt leads to a spectral monkey.

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