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September's here and it brings more variant themes from Marvel (Defenders and Prostate Awareness, while Tsum Tsum Takeover and Classic variants continue, and yes, cosplay covers are back), more new titles from DC and some new titles from independent publishers … Whatever this month brings, let's hope it's better than August!

Supergirl #1Supergirl #1

The Rebirth one-shot aligned the character with the TV series, which is good news as it's only going to get bigger this year with the move to CW and the unavoidable crossovers with Flash / Arrow / Legends of Tomorrow. A red-hot writer and an underrated artist could do wonders with this character.

Walking Dead #158Walking Dead #158 Arthur Adams Variant

People seem to be excited about the Whisperer War arc. This week sees the release of the 2nd printing of #157 too (both the regular and Adams covers) and Midtown has already sold out of the Adams variant 2nd printing.

Glitterbomb #1Glitterbomb #1

This comic has been getting really good advanced reviews. The premise sounds good too, a horror story about a middle-aged actress whose frustration summons some sort of force to exact her revenge. Jim Zub and Djibril Morissette-Phan might be onto something here!

1577233_xlDeadpool & the Mercs for Money #3 Liefeld 1:25 Variant

This was originally solicited as a Garner 1:25 variant, so it may have caught some people by surprise. You know how this works by now, Deadpool + Liefeld = Hot (no matter how terrible).

1577234_xlDoctor Strange #11 Adam Hughes 1:50 Variant

Looking at the numbers of Doctor Strange #9 (under 50K), there will be less than 1K copies of this out there, and it's a great cover by cover master Adam Hughes. I would expect this to do well …

STL017916Silk #12 Cosplay 1:15 Variant

Last time Marvel did variants, people laughed at most of them, but they seem to have been enough of a good idea for them to be back. I am only including this one here because enough people found it good enough to pay more than $8 for it and get it sold out at Midtown.

1560141_xlAlters #1

This is clearly the year where comic companies are embracing diversity and are trying to reach out to everyone out there who might have money. Time for the world's first transgender superhero: Chalice. We've come a long way since Alpha Flight #106 … Paul Jenkins, we are counting on you to make a great comic!!!

1560465_xlSkybourne #1

Frank Cho unleashed on a Bond meets King Arthur type of adventure sounds kinda refreshing. Probably a lot of fun and guaranteed to look amazing, I don't think I need to remind anyone to get this …

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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