Squirrel Girl, Demogorgon, Sabbac, Infamous Iron Man & Tobias Whale

More Observations:

  1. Monsters Unleashed is another idea from the House of Ideas that I am not excited about.
  2. We keep talking about that bubble bursting but Hollywood doesn’t care; Ninjak ( does this even count ), New warriors, Black Lightning! What’s Next? I’m hoping for these: Stray Bullets on FX, Arsenic Lullaby also on Adult Swim, PSi-Lords in 3D on Hulu, Strikeforce Morituri on Sci-Fi and We3 in theaters nationwide.
  3. Why isn’t Manu Bennett playing Deathstroke in the next Batman film?
  4. Everyone else can get excited about Squirrel girl coming to TV, I’m excited for Monkey Joe.
  5. Why isn’t anyone talking about Rebirth anymore? I think DC should just reboot with #1’s every 3 months.
  6. I’m self-publishing a comic called “ The Variant “ It’s about a superpowered fem fatale who lures men into webs of financial ruin with her impressive exterior and is rumored to possess a lustful desire to be bagged, boarded and kept locked away. Issue 1 will have no variant.
  7. The only things I look forward too in the Murderverse are Hans Zimmer’s next scores.
  8. Cameos can be firsts
  9. Collect what you love.

Marvel Age 119

Released the same month as Marvel’s Year in Review 1992 this comic is the second appearance of Squirrel Girl. It’s cheap and she’s hot. What’s not to like?


Dungeons & Dragons: Eldritch Wizardry

First Demogorgon

If you are wondering why I’m speculating on a very old D&D demon it has everything to do with the Netflix show Stranger Things. The breakout star of that show was easily the little girl Eleven. As far as show villains go, the Demogorgon was quite an original idea and there’s a strong theory about Eleven’s connection to the Prince of Demons. So why mention this on a comic spec page? Well one of the characters is a comic reader, X-men specifically and he equates the demonic, duel nature of the demon to Jean Grey while holding a copy of X-men 134. It’s a cool nod to one of the greatest X-Men writers.

The Demogorgon’s first appearance is actually Milton’s Paradise Lost but a first edition of that is going to break your bank. As a D&D character she first appeared in the supplement below and there is an illustration. If not for that I probably wouldn’t even mention her.


Note: There are many editions of this, you want the first.

Other key books…

show-picDragon #85 show-pic (1)Dragon #357

And the Demon’s sex is determined to be female here…


Outsiders 8

First Ishmael Gregor ( Sabbac )

Take this for what it’s worth but Arrow and Flash are filling up their casts with a ton of new characters. Making money on these is a tough game these days so if you are buying to flip be careful please.


Exiles 23

The Infamous Iron Man looks pretty cool though I’m not to sure how the writing is going to be.
As far as I know this book is the first combination of the two. If I am wrong you can politely comment in the designated section and I will thank you ( but only if it’s done politely )


Black Lightning 3

First Tobias Whale

It’s too early to tell if anyone is excited about a Black Lightning show. If you are looking to speculate on the property further look to this book, the first appearance of Tobias Whale. He’s an interesting antagonist with connections to Gotham City.



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