Sensational Spider-Man #38 & 39 – April & May 2007 by Clayton Crain

Sensational_Spider-Man_Vol_2_38 Sensational_Spider-Man_Vol_2_39

Welcome Back to Covers from the Unknown! Here is a two for one special this week! Two amazing covers! If you are a Spidey and/or Venom fan, these are for you! I give you Sensational Spider-Man #38 and 39, from April and May 2007. These amazing covers are by Clayton Crain. These are from the Back in Black storyline, and also the Last Temptation of Eddie Brock storyline. If you look at solicitations for upcoming comics, you will see a new Venom coming, and many have rumored that Eddie is back in the symbiote! If that is the case, then there are a lot of Venom books that may see a little pickup! These will be no different.

If you search around the web, you will be able to find these fairly easy, but with the all black covers, high grades will be hard to come by. Both of these issues can be had for under $5 currently. The print run is slightly under 55k for both. IMHO you should grab a couple of each of these and sit on them. Eventually, these covers will catch on, and I could see them being a $20 bill each. Good luck and Happy Hunting fellas!


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