1 New Teen Titans Vol.1 #2 (1980) DC Comics

New_Teen_Titans_Vol_1_2 WRITER: Marv Wolfman
ARTIST: George Perez
A tweet from Ben Affleck showing footage of a live action Deathstroke was all it took to make this book go crazy this past week. The book (raw or graded) is in unchartered waters right now as far as prices. Not a bad book to hold long-term or to flip short-term. Not a rare book, but one that people always want.

2 Batman/Superman #7 French Dell'Otto Variant (2012) Panini

1964726 WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
This book is nearing the $1k mark raw, yes raw. I know of two 9.8 copies that sold for over $2k last week as well. It was a $50 book last year and something happened recently that made this book go above and beyond some of the bigger variants in the game. With the flurry of activity it's seen this last week, it just reminds us that Dell'Otto is the man!

3 Venom Space Knight #11 Sandoval Variant (2016) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Robbie Thompson
ARTIST: Aaron Jacinto
What makes this comic so amazing? The return of the real Venom….kind of. The symbiote portion anyways; well, the Venom we used to love that is. This variant is still selling surprisingly well. I don't get it, but it's a hot book. The final page shows the Symbiote and Peter merging after a battle, so it should be interesting to see what happens next month and down the road. Might be a solid long term variant, but I wouldn't hold it.


He-Man and The Masters of the Universe #1B Wilkins Variant (2012) DC)

WRITER: James Robinson
ARTIST: Phillip Tan
Until a month ago, nobody even knew this book existed. Now it's a $500 book and one of the true ghosts in the variant game. If the MOTU movie rumors end up being true, I could see this going even higher. Most guys my age love some MOTU for nostalgia's sake (looking at you Bigg Legg). There still might be some out there though so keep hunting. Easy money if you can find one.


5 Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #4 Ramos Variant (2014) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Dan Slut
ARTIST: Humberto Ramos
After the first Five Below fiasco of Marvel variant dumping, most people (including myself) thought this book was dead in the water. One year later and a leaked cast list from Spider-Man: Homecoming featuring the name “Cindy”on it caused this book to hit and even go above pre-Five Below pricing. I'm not buying this as definitive proof she's in the movie, but it would be an interesting twist.


6 Harley Quinn Vol.3 #1 Rebirth Bulletproof Dell'Otto Pink (2016) DC Comics

WRITER: Amanda Connor
ARTIST: Jimmy Palmiotti
Did I mention people like Gabrielle Dell'Otto and Harley? This was limited to 1,000 (with an expected 200 to be damaged) which is a lot in my opinion and is still selling for over 2x what it cost at retail. It is the Harley variant winner at the moment. Tough combo to beat right now with Harley and Gab.


7 Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1982) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Jim Shooter
ARTIST: Bob McLeod
With news coming out this week that Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber (Fault in Our Stars) will be writing the movie's script, it made a huge impact on this graphic novel, which had been lukewarm since the news came out that a movie might be happening. It's an impossible book to find in high grade due to the size, weight, and black cover. If the movie happens, this might just be a big book to own. Remember to check and make sure it's a 1st print before you buy.


8 Betty & Veronica #1 “Hulk 181” Tribute Variant Cover

WRITER: Adam Hughes
ARTIST: Adam Hughes
This novelty homage by Stadium Comics has crept up slowly in value over the past few days to the point now it's a $50 book. It's an awesome cover, and very fun considering the material. I applaud the originality and apparently the public does as well. It might have legs, not a huge print run either. Time will tell.


9 Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 2 #8 Winter Special

WRITER: Michael Higgins
ARTIST: M. C. Wyman
Squirrel Girl rumors are everywhere right now. We have A-list actresses like Anna Kendrick actively pursuing to get this role through Twitter and other social media avenues. The latest rumor is that Squirrel Girl will star alongside the New Warriors in a new comedy series by Marvel. All the attention by the media made this book very attractive again. Lots of talk about this character and this book tonight among retailers here in Baltimore at the Diamond Summit. Great spec and weird character, but weird is good.


10 Animosity #1 Embossed Artist Series Variant

WRITER: Marguerite Bennett
ARTIST: Rafael de Latorre
Animosity has been the surprise hit of the summer and now early fall. The prices on this book have reached $400 with there being only 20 copies of this book printed. Hot title + scarce variant = new formula for big bucks in today's market.


Animosity #1 Black and White “Where the Red Fern Grows” Variant (Hopf/CBSI) 2016

WRITER: Marguerite Bennett
ARTIST: Rafael de Latorre
Sold out in a 8 minutes, and we didn't have to post a single thing on anyone else's boards or forums to promote it. CBSI only. #wehitit1st


 Venom Vol.2 #38

WRITER: Cullen Bun
ARTIST: Jim Jacinto
This is the 1st appearance of Mania in costume. I personally believe this book has a “chance” to be really big down the road. She is teased to be in the next Venom book next month and is an established character already. Having a female Venom in continuity is a great idea. I see tons of female Venom cosplay already, and everyone knows that's how Harley-mania started off. Cheap book still with a huge upside.

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  • microchipsandsalsa

    I can’t decide whether to keep or sell teen titans 2

    • Avatar

      Same problem here, I have a nice high grade TT2. I think it will sell high for the moment, go into a year long minor dip in price, then raise once the movie is released. A la New Mutants #87 with the Cable announcement in February. In my opinion, I don’t think this issue has too much room to grow. With high grade raws topping $200 on eBay right now, I believe once the market levels off it will be in the $150-$175 range. Once the movie is released, I could see it raising again but probably not much more then it is at right now. The Teen Titans were huge when this issue was printed therefore a high print run. By example NM #98. Once Deadpool was released, NM98s actually took a minor dip in price since the market was flooded with them. Now they can be had for just above the pre-Deadpool movie announcement price. TT2 obviously not as high print as NM98, but I believe the same will apply for TT2. I would definitely sell mine if I was a collector, but as a retailer its a tough choice because I want one in my store and will not pay half of what they are going for now.

      • Avatar

        ^Yes, great response, my sentiments exactly. I’ve sold my low/midgrade grade copies but am holding two high grades: one for my own collection and one to sell whenever the prices spike again. If Deathstroke is really going to be THE MAIN villain the next Batman movie, then the biggest spike might not happen for awhile. Otherwise I’m expecting to sell in the lead-up to the JL movie next year.

  • Avatar

    Yes I’m wearing a Skeletor t while typing thanks for the shout out!

  • Simon Payne

    great list as always 🙂

  • Jason S

    love the Top 10 man! Great job!

  • NeBo

    Venom Vol 2 #31 is being overlooked. 1st App of Andrea Benton, who later becomes Mania.

  • Topher

    3 representatives Copper Age makes this collector smile. Who says collecting comics from the most over-printed era in the history of comics is a bad idea?!

  • zraximus rouge

    #wehititfirst …… Awesome!

  • Avatar

    Rumours of alleged private sales are enough to get a book onto this list now?

    • Trey

      When one of the private sales was mine and the other is a member who posts here weekly yeah lol. Got anything else to say?

      I love how I ruin your Fridays though. It seriously makes me giggle

      • Avatar

        Congrats on your sale, but no I don’t think unrecorded private sales (especially by members of this, a speculation site, and particularly by you, the author of this list) should factor into this list at all. Especially when those sales are so far above and beyond anything that has sold publicly. I personally respect and appreciate the generally neutral tone and reporting of your “Top 10” on other “hot” features, and would like for it to maintain that tone.

        But maybe that’s just me…..

        • Trey

          Did you see how many copies of this book have sold the past two weeks though honestly? If I’m wrong I’ll admit it, but I don’t think I am on this book.

          I respect your response though seriously

  • Avatar

    Missed out on over 100 copies of NTT # 2 in fine-ish condition back in 1998 at a store closing. At least I bout the 200 copies of # 44. heh.

    Guess I should have kept my MOTU # 1 variant. DoH!

  • Avatar

    If Deathstroke is the baddie in the Batman movie then a couple books to look for that should see some love are Deathstroke vol.1 # 8 and 9.

    A big one on one battle between Slade and Bats and Deathstroke mops the floor with Batman.

    It’like he tells Bats during the battle… “You trained yourself to fight… I trained myself to kill!”

  • Avatar

    Hi trey. Don’t know if this could be related to the top ten, but right now there is a Batman Adventures # 12 Fan Expo Canada Color Variant that has a Logo error, only 250 copies exist
    Potential Hot Ten?

  • Avatar

    Given the heat surrounding the Batman/Superman French variant are we entering a new phase where foreign variants will be in demand or is this an isolated incident? Half tempted to chalk it up to the Dell’Otto effect but I can see were a J Scott Campbell or Adi Granov, for example, could take off too.

  • Evensiphon

    I’m selling betty and veronica #1 hulk homage with Marco D’Alfonso on the bay and so far it’s up to $80.00 i will let you know what it end at. 🙂

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