The Cover Swipey One


Some new series, some great covers and more than the usual amount of cover swipes … It seems that we're slowly getting back in business!

Justice League Of America #9 Jim Lee Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice CoverJustice League Of America #9 Jim Lee Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice Cover

This book is way late … How late? The movie this variant promoted has already come out in DVD. That's how late! In any case, it's Jim Lee doing Batman vs Superman, so whether you were going for the set or you just want a cool cover for your PC, don't forget about it.

Suicide Squad War Crimes SpecialSuicide Squad War Crimes Special

If you were a fan of Ostrander's Suicide Squad (and who wasn't?) you owe it to yourself to take a look at the SS legend take the new Squad for a spin. Also, it's a one-shot with no variants, so it might be under-ordered.

 The Killer Inside Me #1The Killer Inside Me #1

People seem excited about this adaptation of Jim Thompson's book. If done well, this could be a great comic and it already seems to be selling out at some online shops ….

 Reincarnate #1Reincarnate #1

This series was self-published by its creators, then got optioned for TV and Heavy Metal decided to reprint it, so this is another edition of a series that already came out … and it looks really good!

Uncanny Avengers Vol 3 #13 Adam Hughes Captain America 75th Anniversary VariantUncanny Avengers Vol 3 #13 Adam Hughes 1:50 Captain America 75th Anniversary Variant

Hughes 1:50 epic cover. Will this do well? I would say so, but lately the recent variant game has been a bit all over the place. If you can get it cheap and early, do it, after that, who knows?

Spider-Gwen Vol 2 #11 Paul Pope Black Panther VariantSpider-Gwen Vol 2 #11 Paul Pope Black Panther Variant

I just love Paul Pope doing superheroes, and that's all I can say about this really. I mean, it's not only a cover, it's an action sequence in a single image, how cool is that?

La Muerta Last Rites #1 Alex Ronald Grindhouse VariantLa Muerta Last Rites #1 Alex Ronald Grindhouse Variant

Not to insist on La Muerta (Kittie wrote about her here and it's by Coffin Comics, so you already know whether you will like it or not) but this is one great cover and I hope this takes on and we see everyone doing Grindhouse style covers.

Brickleberry #2 Black & White VariantBrickleberry #2 Black & White Variant

I don't know anything about this, but if it's good enough for Matt Devoe to include the #1 variant as a hot book, then it's got to be good for the rest of us. If not, Matt will get angry and write an article about the top 100 Brickleberry covers sorted by usage of yellow or something.

I love swipes, and this week gives us an amazing 4 tribute / homage covers, and the best thing is that they are not the overused kind … I mean, two tributes to 90s Valiant, how crazy is that?

Street Fighter Unlimited #9 Homage CoverStreet Fighter Unlimited #9 Homage Cover

I am loving Udon's homages … I assume they're intentionally going for new swipes and I couldn't be happier. It's time to get new blood in the swipe game. Who wants to see another ASM300 tribute? Other than McFarlane, of course. This tribute to Magnus Robot Fighter is amazing!

Street Fighter Legends Cammy #2 Homage VariantStreet Fighter Legends Cammy #2 Homage Variant

Danger Girl tribute!!! Not going to discuss whether it's deserved or not, but at least you can see these people are trying to do new cover swipes (oxymoron?) while at the same time showing their love of comics. I approve!

Bloodshot Reborn #16 Sean Chen VariantBloodshot Reborn #16 Sean Chen Variant

This was the second tribute I thought I would never see (the first one being Cosmic Odyssey, but Multiversity gave us that) a tribute to Deathmate Prologue!!! As a person who has tried (and failed) to read the whole Deathmate crossover at least 3 times, I can only applaud this …

Paybacks Vol 2 #2 Tyrell Cannon VariantPaybacks Vol 2 #2 Tyrell Cannon Variant

OK, so while not exactly an exact swipe, this is just pure 90s extreme awesomeness. The fact that this is drawn by none other than Tyrell Cannon makes it oh so much better.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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