The return of the Hot 5 Vintage List



BATMAN #1 (1940)

Batman #1

Even when the restoration notes are intimidating and the label is a very purple 1.5 you still turn heads and command massive bids when you bring a Bats #1 to auction.

For those curious readers, the notes read “ Cover & 2 center wraps detached. Tape on centerfold. CENTERFOLD MARRIED & TRIMMED ON RIGHT EDGE. “


Amazing Spiderman #1

Amazing Spider-Man #1

A freshly slabbed 9.0 has come up for auction and has already hit the 29K mark. This is not only good for the seller but the owners of ASM #1s all around as more attention creates more demand.

Plenty of time left on this bad boy, I will be content to sit back and watch the fireworks as this draws to a close.


Detective Comics #35


One of the top comics of all time, Batman Origin, classic needle cover, scarce pre Robin Tec issue… Rarely seen at auction this has most collectors and investors digging deep into their pockets to see if they can be the last bidder standing for this early GA treasure.


Showcase #30


An Aquaman solo film and the JL movie on the way has helped keep this long overlooked DC Silver Key in the light and on the radar of just about everyone. I am pretty certain this has won the battle with Adventure Comics #260, though 260 is still a great book.


Whiz Comics #2 (#1)


It would be a strange market to say the least, if the 1st appearance of Captain Marvel came to auction and the veteran collectors and dealers were not talking about this. Mid grade example to boot, while already at 33K, I am sure it will climb far higher than that before the dust settles.

Black Cat Mystery Comics #50


Another smokin hot book that had a super high grade copy just come to market. While this example had been known and will undoubtedly command a premium, even low grade copies have been on fire lately. Certainly a book to buy if you can afford

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