Classic Cover of the Week 8/29/2016


Some cool covers for the dog days of summer.



Another outstanding Matt Baker cover.  A copy or 2 are out there with a lone raw copy on ebay for 450 or Best Offer.  Do not be fooled once the few copies that are online disappear into collections, the market becomes bare the price spikes out on any that do come to auction and then they disappear again.
15 Universal copies on the CGC census with an average grade of 5.19.  A single 9.4 at the top of the census(the runner ups being a pair of 7.0 and 6.0s) with the bottom being held by a single 2.0.

SHELF DATE of 1947 (January?)





Yesterday was Jack Kirby's birthday, he would have been 99.  Here is one of my all time favorite war covers that happens to be a Kirby classic.  Have been dragging my feet on buying one for a good while now though there are some nice examples for sale online.

21 Universal Examples with a 9.4 at the top and a pair of 5.0s on the bottom to give an impressive average grade of 7.4 on the lot.

SHELF DATE of Winter 1944

As always, thanks for looking, folks!


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