Batman #357

oneyearlaterHello, and welcome back to another One Year Later. This week, we take a look at a book 99% of all comic book buyers knew about, had on their radar, but many had not pulled the trigger on due to the fact it was already high-priced. Released in March of 1983, it is a Batman issue so it had a HUGE print run, featuring the first appearance of a certain Jason Todd in it, and then Killer Croc was confirmed as a character appearing in an upcoming movie (again, we look back at August of 2015), the Suicide Squad. Yes, we take a look at Batman #357.


A year ago, raw copies for high-grade Batman #357s were going for just above $100. Yes, every fanboy KNEW this was a key issue. Already on the wall because of Jason Todd's first appearance, everyone paid attention to it again because of Killer Croc, then a just confirmed character on the Suicide Squad movie. The average comic buyer and everyone who does not read comic books had zero idea of who Killer Croc was until the movie.

Looking at recently completed prices for Batman #357, there were plenty of sold copies in the $130 to $150 range, and sure, there are some crazy unsold copies from dealers asking way too much, but maybe they think this book has plenty of room to grow so they are holding on. Looking further, it took a slight dip the week the Suicide Squad was released and sellers flooded the market; but this past week was strong as way less sellers were offering it.

Not the biggest of comic prices increases in a year, but a nearly 50% gain on a $100 purchase in 2015 nets you around $150 a year later. Uatu wouldn't turn down a $50 dollar bill, but there could be more room to grow.


The Watcher would give this a big thumbs up! Until next week, keep those suggestions coming! And for those keeping score, an unheard of 2 Thumbs up in a row!!!!


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