Nova #4 (Volume 5) 1:50 Stephen Platt Variant

a52a489bbbfefde2bc77f1c47519358fWelcome back to Covers from the Unknown my friends and family!  This week I present a “ghost” cover from a hot artist.  So once I announce it, you better go get it quick, because I have a feeling these will heat up quickly.  This week I give you the Stephen Platt 1:50 Nova variant, from Nova #4, Volume 5, from April 2013.  Platt is one of those artists who has survived the test of time, and who fans want all the work of.  This is one cover I had no idea existed.  It's a some cover actually, and IMHO has a lot of things going for it.
The regular print has a run of approximately 37,000.  With it being a 1:50 variant, that means there are less than 750 of these out there.  And let's be honest… many stores bought 50 copies of Nova back in 2013?  I would be willing to bet there are less than 400 of these out there.  If you can find one, you better get one.  I do believe eventually, these are going to push the $100 mark.  Platt has the type of following that once people go hunting for these, they will want them for their PC and will be willing to pay some bucks for these!  I have found 3 websites with these for sale….they are gonna go quick….Happy Hunting Fellas!


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