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Five Wednesdays in August translates as a weak week with some weird stuff like Neal Adams' Sixpack And Dogwelder Hard-Traveling Heroz #1 variant, Northguard #1 being sold out at Midtown and some other crazy releases that are probably not worth your time. I kinda decided to stop mentioning all DC Rebirth one-shots and new series, unless they look great, because it will never end … NEVER!!! It makes for a short article, but it's time to stop mentioning now that the initial excitement is gone.

Harley's Little Black Book #4 Billy Tucci VariantHarley's Little Black Book #4 Billy Tucci 1:25 Variant

HQ travels to the Bombshells universe and Tucci's 1:25 variant seems to be the pick of the week. If you ever thought one Harley was not enough, this book will probably give you two! Not very interesting for the rest of us, though. But the next two issues feature Neal Adams and Simon Bisley respectively, so keep an eye out for those.

Deathstroke #1Deathstroke #1

I read Deathstroke: Rebirth yesterday and I really enjoyed it. You can tell from the first page it's written by Christopher Priest, but that's only a good thing.

All-Star Batman and this are, in my opinion, the best books of the relaunch.

Kingsway West #1Kingsway West #1

This book, like Wood's Brigg's Land last week, is a Dark Horse book so typically not a good investment. But it will probably be a great read and the Fantasy vs Old West pitch sounds great. I mean, they even made a movie based on Cowboys vs Aliens, so who knows?

Once Our Land #2Once Our Land #2

Second issue of the very successful Scout edition of the self-published book. If #1 had a small print run, I guess this will be smaller?

Venom Space Knight #11 Gerardo Sandoval VariantVenom Space Knight #11 Gerardo Sandoval 1:25 Variant

Kick-ass Venom cover and the perfect warm-up for the “real Venom” cover coming soon. Another 1:25 that will see an immediate price spike.

Duck Avenger #0 1:10 VariantDuck Avenger #0 1:10 Variant

This was pointed by Ben S at the g+ community and with good reason, it's a tribute to a superhero cover (Silver Surfer #4) on a Disney comic and those always end up paying up.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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    Valiant has a new title coming out today called Generation Zero #1 by Fred Van Lente. It’s a new ongoing spining out of Harbinger Wars, and focuses on a group of renegade teens with superpowers that if you have a problem in your town and know how to contact them, they will come to help. Kind of like the A-Team meets X-Men. Some really great characters, and Van Lente has never missed with Valiant. There’s a 1:40 variant that will likely be less than 800 copies.

    • Iñigo

      Your brainwashing techniques are getting better every day … in the end, I bit and got the Ivar Timewalker deluxe HC, read a few pages and it looks really good. But I love FVL!

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        Ha! That’s awesome! Those Deluxe Editions are great, glad to hear it. DCBS and Amazon usually have them pretty cheap. When you’re done with that I’ll suggest Archer and Armstrong vol 1 Deluxe since Ivar, Armstrong and Gilad (Eternal Warrior) are all brothers. Similar feel.

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    FVL’s Gen Zero actually is pretty good. I didn’t spec on it, but it’ s a fun read.

    Things are light on specs this week all around for me. I’ve been waiting for Kingsway West for a long time (I’m Chinese and the book stars a Chinese guy– go figure) and I’m excited to get some time to sit down with a cuppa and get going.

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    The Venom Space Knight Sandoval 1:25 variant is on fire. Multiple copies selling at $100 And only one left on eBay for higher.

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