FAN EXPO Contest: First Winner Announced!

Did you win the variant set from those nice people at Fan Expo Canada? Chances were 1 in 85, which is way better than the lottery and seeing how fast the foil editions of their new BA12 edition disappeared, it's almost as good.

Thanks for all the entries, some really thoughtful comments and we will probably do an article with all your opinions. As good an indicator as any of what we all think.


Congratulations to the winner! I will contact you in the coming weeks to get your address details, as the variants will be sent in September, after the convention.

If you didn't win, don't worry, you will have another chance soon … I am thinking it will be one of those “whoever gets the answer first gets the set” kind of contests so I will try to post it at a time when everybody's awake. We'll see! Keep your eyes open!!!


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