No Love: Unsung McFarlane

With the success of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn sketch homage covers, I wanted to take a look at some of his older mainstream work. Most collectors know him for his classic cover/interior run on Amazing Spiderman (#298-325, 328), Incredible Hulk (#330-345), and Spawn but some awesome covers can be seen in his other Marvel and DC work.

The classic McFarlane style is on full display in his Marvel Tales run (#223 – 239), my favorites include issues #233, 235, 236, and 238.

He also has a few single issue covers for Marvel in Conan the Barbarian (see last article!), Quasar # 14, and the book that prompted this article, Marvel Age #90.

Though most of his DC work is pencil work or inking (Infinity Inc.), he is listed as cover artist on a small run of Detective Comics (#576-578) and one of my favorites, Batman #316.

I also included a random McFarlane DC interior page from Invasion …



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    Great article and covers. I grabbed a couple MT #232 for almost nothing when Dazzler was getting a ton of buzz, but mostly because I liked the cover.

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    I’ve been hunting down a full set of the MT covers for a really long time. Really hard to get a whole set in one shot. I finally got’em all but unfortunately some of the issues are pretty beat up… well beat up by my standards.

    The whole MT McFarlane run has great covers. Superb action covers that, by the way, have never been reprinted!

    And tghose MT issues reprint some pretty good ASM issues with the Punisher.

    Nice article. It’s about time McFarlane got some love.

    It amazes me how most of Todd’s covers don’t command decent to big money like say Campbell’s or Turner’s work does.

    The fact that most of his work is not chnase variant covers most probably explains this.

  • mrnivek

    Nice article, never realized that McFarlane did some Batman work, might have to put those on my list to find.

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    Great rundown. That Marvel Tales 233 is awesome!

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    Silver: I was refering to the Marvel Tales run.

    I do not pretend to have all McFarlane covers… not by a long shot.

    I don’t think I know what other covers he may have done.

    I have his whole ASM run, his whole MT run, the conan issue, a g.i. joe issue from marvel, the batman and detective issues, but definitely don’t have the Quasar issue and the Marvel Age issue and had no idea he made a splash page in DC Invasion.

    I may hunt them down in the near future!

  • Ares

    Those are great! Thanks for the article. I’ve always ignored Marvel Tales, not any more.

  • MZircher

    Nice article, but are you referring to Batman 423 (the book pictured) that is his 1st Batman cover? Or are you maybe thinking of the ASM 316, which is also a fantastic cover.

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    Love McFarlane! Been putting together a full set for awhile. Amazing heroes 179 is an early spidey cover that’s pretty funny, Also of mention is Satans six #1 with a cover by King Kirby and Todd. It’s not very good lol but very cool to have those 2 together. Awesome article

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    He did a Gotg cover as well

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