Starfire #3 Darwyn Cooke 1:25 Variant

Starfire #3 Darwyn Cooke 1:25 VariantWelcome back to another One Year Later where we turn back the calendar 52 weeks to see what was speculated on a year ago. Today, we look at Starfire #3 1:25 variant cover.

Yes, this book was a 1:25 ratio and had a Darwyn Cooke cover. It wasn't too over the top sexy but a typical very classy Cooke piece. Since this was a 1:25 and a third/fourth tier DC book which 52 weeks ago was lagging, not too many of these were out there to begin with. A year ago, the 1:25 was going for $30-35 on average. Now, a full year later, the average price is around $75. Sure, there was tragic news regarding the artist (he passed away too soon) but these keep going up in price. Always a good idea to look in the Starfire section as all the early variant covers go for a premium a year later.

The Watcher would give this a big thumbs up! Savvy buyers that scooped these up a year ago are doing well. With the passing of Darwyn Cooke, these will always be sought out.


Until next week, keep those comments and suggestions coming. Yes, I read every one! A special shout out to Howard Kleinman for this week's suggestion!


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