Classic Cover of the Week 8/22/2016


New Week, New Covers!!



A classic that is a bit tougher to find.  Pencil and inks by George Tuska, this epic Golden Age gem has it all, bondage, hypodermic needle, weird little scientist/monster dude and even some gorilla looking thing for Inigo.

21 Universal copies on the CGC census with an average of 4.21.  Top grade is a 9.0 copy with the bottom being a lone 1.0

SHELF DATE of July 1940







Classic Joker cover featuring Dick Sprang pencils and Charles Paris inks.  While a later Joker cover from the Golden Age, this still commands serious prices when examples come to auction, especially slabbed.

77 Universal copies with an average of 4.89.  Interesting to note that the top graded examples are a pair of 8.5s while the lowest is shared by a pair of 1.5s.

SHELF DATE of October 1952

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