The Simpsons (part 2)

Some of the Simpsons swipes below were back covers but they were too good to not show here.

tumblr_nq9j58NNxL1ur7riio1_500Bartman 4 Amazing Spider-Man #50

Amazing Spider-Man 50

Its amazing how influential this cover has become. A new series of articles by Drew Lujan just highlighted a Bloodshot cover that paid homage to this Spidey cover. If you haven’t read Drew’s series entitled “One Year Later” give it a try. Very informative and interesting stuff presented in each installment.
68510_20061028134930_largeRadioactive Man 1000 Spawn #1

Spawn 1

The Radioactive Man series is full of swipes. Some I still haven’t figured out. This one looked familiar but it took a quick Google search to figure out why.
40099_20060530123440_largeRadioactive Man 216 Green Lantern #85

Green Lantern 85

Not an exact swipe but still an homage to the famous drug issue!
88214_20070318155742_largeRadioactive Man 222 3571270204_bf23d48aabIron Man 45
I never knew being pelted by food was part of a super hero’s job description.
simpsons28Simpsons Comics 28 enhanced-buzz-21551-1390245921-7USSR propaganda poster from 1931
The only things I know about being a Communist I learned from Seinfeld. Never name names and always go to Hop Sing’s for Chinese food and scheming.
4992867254_f783411c45_bSimpsons Comics 36 3004400-captainamerica111Captain America 111
The next four covers were all the back covers of their respective comics but really great swipes nonetheless.
9252591021_0a65d60bfd_oSimpsons Comics 37 3043_20111020194827_largeX-Men 50
I believe all the originals were done by Jim Steranko.
X-Men_Vol_1_50Simpsons Comics 38 3042_20060216124059_largeX-Men 49
I think this one might be the best of the bunch. Of course I love the original as well. You have to be doing some pretty good drugs to decide to draw a superteam on someones face right?
34Simpsons Comics 39 Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #1

Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1

Does nobody else see the awesomeness of this swipe? The Radioactive Man characters are in the exact same pose as the guys on the original! That’s just cool!

I’ll try to get a few more together for next week. Radioactive Man covers seem to all be homages, I just need to figure out to what. Thanks again for reading!


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