The Unpressable Defects #15

Comics! Artists! The Olympic games!!! If you are interested in at least 2 of those, you should be listening to this podcast! Actually, the podcast was recorded a day late and I have been traveling all day so I have not even had the time to listen to a bit to write the summary, but you should know what's in store by now …


Language warning! Contains strong language …



  • Gwenpool4President

    I dug it. It needs 100℅ less Love and Hip-hop talk, though and Trey comes in way louder than the rest, at times.

    I loved Alfred dressed as Batman. He was used to stall for time, as a distraction. Not to actually fight Gotham.

    I’m still onboard with Batman and All-Star only had one issue, I’ll give that a few more issues, based on Snyder alone.

    Detective Comics, since #934 have been creeping up. Anybody else noticing that?

    I personally, pick up at least three times as many DC comics as Marvel right now.

  • Gwenpool4President

    Looking forward to Skyborne, also!

  • dpiercy

    No love for Invincible??? Loved the Diaz brothers aside.

  • Avatar

    The part about cleaning now being a restoration slab really hit me with a lot of questions. I personally clean books and have never gotten restoration grade. I just got books back from CGC last week that I cleaned. The trick is to not go for gold when you clean. Just use almost no pressure and rub in uniform small circles. Think of a time when you used the eraser on the back of your pencil and erased enough to break the paper surface. It leaves a rough paper texture. From what described in the podcast, it sounds like CGC noted “rub marks from cleaning” and nothing about a simple ” book has been cleaned.” Maybe they are just noting the damage done and not the act of cleaning itself? More and more people are cleaning their own books and causing a lot of damage. Maybe they are tired of seeing this and trying to discourage the beginners from dry cleaning. Time will tell I guess.
    Go for the softest dry cleaning pad you can find and use the littlest amount of pressure. If there are still spots that look dirty, feel free to do another application after wiping the old product off, but if after that the dirt is still there just leave it! Note: If there is dirt, the product will change color. If the color doesn’t change, you are done. It’s the same concept as sanding wood or buffing a car, let the grit do the work and not pressure. You then work your way down to finer grits. The difference is with comics you want to use the finest and softest grit you can find and get what you can. My advise is to not clean unless you are practiced and confident.

  • Topher

    Any chance the Press Express makes it to Baltimore?

  • Avatar

    Does anyone think Red Widow is going to be a more prominent character going forward? I saw in the October previews that she has a 10 page mini-story in Ms Marvel #12.

  • Avatar

    Another good time listening to you “wacky and crazy guys” (SNL reference). I’m sure you got it, I’m just not sure of your ages and if you were around back then. Anyways, keep up the good work. Maybe I’ll see you in my old stomping ground of Baltimore (pronounced “Balmer” for us true “stoop sitters”). I now live in Ocean City MD but will be taking the trip back home for the con. Marc Nathan works his ass off to put on one of the best comic-cons around!

  • Avatar

    I used to only pick up Marvel only, now since I’ve been listening to you jokers I’m hitting up DCs also. Sometimes I fall asleep listening to you guys so I blame it on subliminal brainwashing.

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