Deadpool v3 #45 VariantWe will be looking at what has happened to the market in the week following the announcement of the #1 book. Trends, listings, and sales prices will be tracked from the perspective of both raw and the highest CGC graded books.

With the popularity of Deadpool being hotter than ever, this sleeper book (compared to New Mutants #98) has made its way to the #1 spot on the Top 10.

Active Listings

As of 8/16/16, there are only 2 active listings on eBay. From these active listings, there are 0 slabs. Raw values are ranging from the lowest at $87 and rising (auction) and a NM+ copy at $650 or best offer.

Completed Sales

There has only been 1 completed sale / BIN and that was on 8/1/16 with 0 graded sales. That sold BIN/OBO listing went for $500. This was for a NM-/NM copy of this book.

Market Analysis

This book will only be getting hotter as it was a 2008 variant with a low print run and Deadpool’s popularity is only going up. This could be the underdog book to get – while currently not as expensive, New Mutants #98 is still on top of the pile as it is Deadpool’s 1st appearance and still more sought after/known by masses by far. (Photo below: GPA Comics)


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  • Avatar

    Sadly …

    I have sold like 5 of these.

    They were hard sells at 85-100 but I wouldn’t budge. this was 2014-2015.

    Cant win them all.

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    This is from October 2011 not 2008, with all sales under $150 except the one fluke sale.

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      alana – I would buy at $150 all day. If you’re referring to ebay for sales, lowest available presently on ebay is $650 BO with 10 watching. The $150 sale was from May, a BIN which was likely a very soon after the seller listed it. The other $170 sale that ended in a bidding way, though advertised as NM, had a bunch of narly looking spine damage. Next highest sale was $170 for a slabbed 8.5. So, I’d say this prices/sales are the exceptions. I have seen these sell for much more outside of ebay, more in line with $250-$300+.

    • Khoi Cakes

      Good catch on the year. When I was looking at it, I left it at 2008 since that was the series start and so didn’t change Deno’s year designation. With regard to the sales though, there was a OBO for $300 on July 17 and it just exploded from there since there weren’t any other books being posted. This is usually indicative of collectors keeping them in their PC and then others getting word of the book and snatching one when it’s posted, regardless of the prices. I regret not buying them at $150 since I was one of the many that have been bidding on them.

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    Yeah that one high sale looked like an outlier to me as well.

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