Batman Gotham Knights #74 – April 2006

Batman_Gotham_Knights_74Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen! Welcome Back to Covers from the Unknown! This Friday I bring you a cover of a villain that, technically speaking, got me back into comics, after I took a brief hiatus! Hush, and the Batman Hush storyline really got me back into comics after, well I guess I was just sick of them! But those keys, along with Jim Lee grabbed me and sucked me right back into collecting. I haven't turned back since. Anyways, since then, Hush has been a favorite of mine, but unfortunately, he hasn't been in that many comics. One story that I really enjoyed was Hush vs Joker, in the Batman Gotham Knights #72-74. So this week I give you Batman Gotham Knights #74, with an awesome cover by Claudio Castellini. Published in April 2006.

This comic has a lot of things going for it. One, the cover, with the Joker vs Hush, is amazing. Two, Gotham Knights #74 was the last issue of the series, so the print run of the comic was only about 20,000. For a Batman comic, that print run is pretty low. The third thing, in my opinion, is if Hush ever becomes a “big” villain again, people will start to look for a lot of his appearances, and since he doesn't have that many, this one may gain some traction. There are a handful on the bay and amazon all between $5 – $20. With it being a final issue, it may be a hard one to find. Go get it gang! Happy Hunting Fellas!

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