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To be completely honest, I could have just selected 2 books this week and be over with the article. As always, though, it's a good exercise to go through the list and see what I forgot to pre-order. Also, when are DC comics stop being returnable? That might spice up the market a bit?

Suicide Squad #1Suicide Squad #1

We have talked enough about this lately but it seems like a certified hit. While it might seem like a terribly obvious choice, just check the prices on N52's Justice League #1, nothing earth-shattering, but doing good …

Supergirl: RebirthSupergirl: Rebirth

Supergirl, Lupacchino on art and a Hughes cover … Add to that a TV series that's going to explode this season with the switch to CW. And don't forget about Steve Orlando, who seems like he might be one of the next big writers.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1 Kamome Shirahama VariantBatgirl and the Birds of Prey #1 Kamome Shirahama Variant

Batgirl (instead of Oracle), Black Canary and the Huntress should have an interesting dynamic. And  yes, this is the Nth Shirahama cover I feature here, love the art …

Backstagers #1 Guillory Virgin VariantBackstagers #1 Guillory 1:25 Virgin Variant

Boom doing what they do best with their indie but nice style, Tynion IV on writing duty and a ratio Guillory variant should make this an interesting buy.

1544213_xlDemonic #1

This concept was originally created for Top Cow's Pilot Season. While it didn't set the world on fire back in 2010 (and it was created by Kirkman and Silvestri and had Joe Benitez on art), it's probably the kind of book that will benefit from having a fresh approach by less known creators.

The Fallen Yu 1:50 VariantThe Fallen #1 Yu 1:50 Variant

Pretty cool Yu cover, might heat up this week and then who knows? People who like skeletons (and we are legion) might always be on the lookout, I guess.

America #2America #2

If Pearson is doing the art, I will probably mention it. This is the last issue he will be doing the art for, but just because he's back on Body Bags and that's really amazing news.

Is This Tomorrow?Is This Tomorrow?

Always keep meaning to check these Canton Street facsimile editions as they are publishing some crazy good-looking comics at prices that will allow you to be able to buy food and other non-comic stuff. Has anyone checked them out?

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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  • pumpkinpunker

    I would advise against speccing any Rebirth regular covers (A or B covers). There are literally stacks of these at comic shops across the country. I did check JL #1 and it is going for cover price on ebay. Even Batman #1 can still be had for a little over cover. Nevermind, that if any of these rebirth regular covers spike in price then the market will get swamped and he prices will come back down again in a matter of hours.

    Sure, the Supergirl AH cover looks nice but AH has plenty of regular covers that aren’t worth any thing because they aren’t retailer incentives.

  • Avatar

    The Fallen #1 Yu has the best shot of gaining some traction for flip potential, but not the best options. Supergirl #1 for the PC is the nicest one.

  • Avatar

    With the Rebirth titles it is a buy and wait situation. No potential for flipping due the the fact as was mentionned in previous post there were massive print runs of these books.

    New 52 Batman took 2 years + before it became a 50 to 75 to 100$ book.

    I believe Batman #1, Flash #1 and #3 can increase value as time goes by.

    Batman #1 because it’s Batman and Flash #1 and #3 due to Godspeed.

    The comics that will have key apps or key situations will rise in value. Everything else will be common and at common proces.

  • Dirty-Dalek

    If you previews order everything you get 35-50% off and if you order as much as me you can get free shipping also. So selling for cover is a nice profit margin in my opinion. Books for my pc end up being free and a I get a little coin is in my pocket each month. I’m loving rebirth

  • Lillington

    J. Pearson back on Body Bags you say? That is good news!

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