FAN EXPO CANADA Variant Contest

COMIC-BATMAN-ADVENTURES-FE-12As we said last week, Fan Expo Canada kindly provided us with a couple of sets of variants that we will award to two lucky readers. This week we are giving away the first of those sets. To take part in the contest, just go to the comments section and let us know which is your favorite comic-book series right now and why (entries like “Wolverine because awesome” will be disqualified, we want to know what people think about what's out there, so please ellaborate a bit).

Only one valid entry per person will be accepted. Entries need to be submitted by Tuesday, August 23rd. The winner will be announced on Wesnesday, August 24th. The comics will be sent by Fan Expo Canada after the convention.


  • Thanks for the chance at this set! My favorite current series is The Vision by Tom King. I love the artwork. I also love the characters that have been introduced. It also shows the vulnerability of Vision and the longing to to ordinary. It is easy to relate to this series. I would highly recommend this series!

  • Really liking the new Superman “Super Sons” storyline, since I have a 10 yr old son as well, but my favorite right now is the Miles Morales Spider-Man series! My son and I read it together, and we love the humor and fun of the story. Not bogged down in such heavy themes.

  • Spider-man / Deadpool is by far my favorite. Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness are the perfect team of writing and art and they give us the perfect mix of everything I love about Spider-man and Deadpool. I dialog is witty, the art is full of action and the plot goes to Hell, literally. I think we all missed Joe and Ed on issues 6 and 7, but it was worth the wait for their return on issue 8. That was a kick ass episode and I hope it keeps going for a long time. Spider-man / Deadpool is the the best Spider-man and Deadpoool book out right now and I love collecting all the prints.

  • House of Penance. I love Ian Bertram’s art; it’s so different from anything else out there. I appreciate an artist who has his own inimitable style. There are too many house artists out there who all seem to draw the same. Also, I love the Cthulhuian atmosphere of the story. There is a permeating sense of dread that fills out the entire series. I love it.

  • Finding Squadron Supreme enjoyable. Mixing in a little Namor, Thundra and a pinch of Skrull makes a nice appetizer to a hopefully long main course. Add some Blackagar Boltagon and a hint of Exiles, and you have a refreshing take on an old time favorite. Would love to see a course inclusive of Ka-zar and Zabu or perhaps a Mar-Vell sidebar.

  • Faith is my favorite right now. The character is just so different from other heroes we have today. Faith isn’t an overpowered hero, but she’s still strong and confident. She’s weird too but that’s what adds to the fun tone of the comic. I loved the miniseries too and the first issue of the ongoing didn’t disappoint. Really looking forward to what comes next.

  • dpiercy

    Eric Powell’s Hillbilly has quickly become my favorite, even though we are only 2 issues in. I love old appalachian, rural storytelling like this and the art is both intricate and accessible. Sinks the hooks further in with the all the fantasy elements, as well. It is filling in a gap for me now that Southern Bastards has become so infrequent. “Folks are ignert and that’s all there is to it.”

  • Saga is easily my favorite series right now. It’s nice to read a different type of comic than the usual super hero type stories. Fiona Staples is an amazing artist that makes me really hope this universe can come to television. The character development is great and you really feel connected to the characters as they go through the struggles of life on the run. When someone dies you actually feel a bit sad and not immediately think ‘wonder how they are going to bring this character back to life’. Also The Will is a bamf and I can’t wait to see what he will do with some of the recent events in the story.

  • I’m really enjoying most of Rebirth, and the first issue of All-Star Batman this past week was excellent, but favorite title right now is Daredevil. The art from Ron Garney has been stellar as he has penciled most of the new volume, the Sienkewicz covers on the second arc were beautiful, the variants have been fun, and Charles Soule is clearly building a long reaching arc while keeping it a mystery (along with the return of Murdock’s identity being a secret again). The Kingpin series from Matthew Rosenberg has been a nice compliment to it, as well, and happy that will become an ongoing post-Civil Wae II

  • kakkerlakk

    It’s hard for me to nail down my absolute favorite series, but for now I’d have to say it’s East of West. Hickman’s writing on this series is simply amazing as he spins a fantastic tale of a dystopian future where the US civil war never ended. Dragotta’s art compliments this story so well, too. I think I love this story so much partly because it reminds me of Matt Wagner’s Grendel and the story arc with Orion Assante’s rise to become the world’s first Grendel-Khan. Heck, there’s even a character in East of West name Orion, so yeah.

  • I really enjoy The Vision. This series is an inspired way to explore the human condition and it’s amazing how human the art and writing make this family. I can’t recommend it enough.

  • Nailbiter. Serious horror without taking itself too seriously.

  • where do i begin there is so much good stuff out there right now.the one book i look forward to the most each and every month would have to Saga.

  • There are so many great comic titles right now, but my favorite is Birthright by Williamson and Bressan. I often refer to this title as “the best comic no one seems to be talking about”. It is an epic story of a family torn apart by the disappearance of their child Mikey. When Mikey is found, he is a “conan-type” adult who has spent many missing years in an alternate universe where he is referred to as “the chosen one”. When characters from the alternative universe comes looking for Mikey in the real world, things really heat up. The art is engaging and fun and the dynamics between the characters as they all take their journey through this epic fantasy is just amazing storytelling that makes for a wonderful monthly treat.

  • The new Detective comics series. Love the lineup of characters, and the nostalgia factor because my first ever comic was a detective comic.

  • I buy about 80-100 new books every month with varying quality. At this point in time the book that is most like heroin for me is Stejpan Sejic’s Sunstone. Probably not everyone cup of tea as it involves relationships and BDSM. But the writing, especially the wit with the art really comes together for me. If I am allowed to have Honourable mentions I would like to mention KrazyKrow’s Spinnerette; a web comic that I read in annual printed volumes. Second would be the more traditional comic I am enjoying Greg Rucca’s Wonder Woman; especially the Year 1 arc that is currently every second issue. I have never read WW before and Rucca is drawing me into the character.

  • The Vision is my favorite right now. There is something about the characters attempting to find humanity that really stands out. The best parts of sci-fi and fantasy are when you can use the fantastic to explore complex human ideas and emotions. What this book is doing is so subtle and so striking.

  • fourwayflashers

    I have to agree with the above writer about Spider-man/Deadpool, but my choice is the Star Wars series by Marvel. It basically answers the question of what everyone was doing between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Jason Aaron captured the spirit of the characters perfectly and it has continued to be a solid read all the way into the current issues.

  • Currently, my favorite comic series out right now is Hillbilly. It’s character artwork / story-line is spot on. It’s so different from anything being produced. It’s theme is old world fantasy. Most books today have teams of people working on a particular issue. In his book, the majority of the work is done by him. This series allowed for me to find out about his Goon series which I recently started to read. Series of works from Powell are few and I’m happy to be reading current and previous works.

  • I’m really digging Renato Jones The one Percent. I like the grittiness to it. I like how the 1% Renato hunts just plain sadistic. Really over the top victims. I like the way Kaare portrays the 1% that Renato is after.

    Feels like a mix of Punisher and Deadpool. Also like the fact that this series is Kaare’s baby seeing that he is writer, artist colorist, and owner of the character.

    Gotta help out the small press.


  • Hillbilly: “There is but two facts of which I am sure. Today is Tuesday, and a witch is gonna die.”
    Witch: “But today is Wednesday.”
    Hillbilly: “There is but one fact of which I am sure…”

    I’ve always been Goon fan, but by choosing Hillbilly as the ambassador of his new Albatross imprint is genius! Having spent 15 years in the South I can verify that he has captured the backwoods voice to perfection, and even given it some wit. He’s a workhorse as he again writes and draws the book. And though it’s not the most colorful art to the eye, the sepia tones he uses give the story all the color it needs. Not to mention the Buzzard cameo in the second issue tying it to the Goon universe? Two issues in and it’s flawless in my eyes.

  • Really enjoying Harrow County from Dark Horse. Its a poignant horror story told by the perspective of a young girl who the horror centers around. The youthful viewpoint is what keeps me reading and it will make a great TV show.

  • Oh man, what do I pick!?!? Well I’ve always been a huge Walking Dead fan, and I have absolutely loved the last few issues of that series. I have high hopes for Whisper War, I think it’s off to a great start. So I guess that would be my favorite series that I am currently reading right now!

  • Hopefully, I can bend the rules a bit and give my top two as they both deserve it. Rick Remender’s aquatic fantasy, Low, is at its peak right now. Greg Tocchini’s art is gorgeous. The last issue gave me nightmares and broke my heart. My second favorite is John Allison’s Giant Days. Think Lumberjanes in college in England.

  • The Fix is currently my favorite series. It’s humorous, and compelling. The artwork pairs perfectly with the tone of the book, as well. As a collector I also love that they have new art for all of the additional printings of each issue, instead of a color variant, or something.
    Also, there’s a dog named Pretzels.

  • ECooper

    Right now, I have to go with Nick Spencer’s “The Fix.” It’s a thoroughly entertaining dark comedy. Lethal Weapon meets Breaking Bad. You never know what the guys are going to get into with each issue and how they’re going to get out of it. It’s at the top of my read pile every month. And unlike some books, each printing has a different cover which I really dig. If you haven’t checked it out, you should!

  • Spiderman/Deadpool is killing it right now. Usually team up books just don’t do it for me but the combination of Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness is just magical. The dynamic created between Spiderman and Deadpool is perfect. It feels like the original Deadpool series all over again. Wish these guys would do more work together…Deadpool based work.

  • I’m probably in the minority on this but my favorite series right now is Unbeleivable Gwenpool. The sense of humor in the book is great but even more than that I appreciate the fact that’s it’s so unpredictable. I don’t wanna spoil it but the end of the first issue really caught me by surprise and since then I’ve really not been able to guess where the next issue will be headed. There’s also some great gags but in the background like daredevil leaving a review at a costume shop saying “I’m told it looks good”. It’s just a dash of something different in the marvel universe which they desperately need!

  • Keith S.

    Pretty much anything Lemire is writing has been pretty awesome. Moon Knight is an interesting new spin on the character, and the Analog man arc of bloodshot was fantastic, but I’d have to go with Descender. What a fascinating story about how robots were discriminated and hunted down in the future because of an attack by gigantic robots (called the Harvesters), but how one robot may hold the key to stopping the Harvesters. As usual, Lemire uses a lot of character development to tell his story and make everything interesting each month. If you haven’t read this, I’d suggest you go get it and catch up!

    • Mark

      Posted mine before I saw this. Great pick. Moon Knight was a really close second for me. I’m on board for anything Lemire puts out moving forward.

  • I really love Harrow County from Dark Horse comics. I have always loved reading horror, but Harrow County is a sweet, touching, horror story you don’t find too often. The cute gruesomeness reminds me so much of the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” short stories I used to read, put into one continuous tale. It is definitely the most charming horror story I have read in a very long time.

  • I am a big fan of the Rebirth Detective Comics run. I am really enjoying the team lineup. I like how they are putting new spins on characters. My favorite new spin is making Clayface an anti hero. I also like how they brought back Red Robin’s costume from the 90’s. The book has a good combination of art and storytelling were they work off of each other.

  • I’m enjoying Tom King’s “I Am Gotham” story in Batman more than I would have guessed. There’s still a little mystery as to where the new superman and superwoman came from, but it doesn’t look like it’s anywhere good. And Finch’s artwork is solid.

  • The Fix.

    I honestly think this will be the sleeper hit of the year. It’s one of the few books where I’ll go back and read several times just because it’s absolutely hilarious. Nick Spencer does a great job with the storyline that doesn’t seem too far-fetched and saturated in humor, and Steve Lieber is the perfect artist to drive that punchline all the way home.

    When all we’re getting from the big two are big events that are just completely played out (albeit Rebirth has been pretty great), it’s a breath of fresh air to read a comic that is so far away from that.

  • Topher

    I’m going with Legend from Z2. As far as anthropomorphic post-apocalyptic comics go, this is the one I enjoy the most thanks to an exceptionally good mix of art and writing.

  • Dubb1084

    I am loving The Fix right now it is dark, hilarious and every issue has something unexpected. A coworker and I were discussing it and we both agree that this series could totally be a movie with Ryan Gosling and Michael Pena starring. This is the title I look forward to every week it releases.

  • misfit138

    The Vision is the best title out there right now. I saw a couple of other people also chose this title, BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME! The art is eerie. There are absolute shockers that consistently take place. The book is going along and wham. Then it goes along again and wham, shocker, then again wham shocker, and again. Tom King is doing incredible work on this title. I am very sad it is only going 12 issues. I love the dialog and interaction among the Visions and how they strive to become more human. The Walking Dead and the Detective Rebirth titles are very enjoyable also, but The Vision is incredible. I can’t remember when I’ve had such a fun read.

  • I am loving Alan Moore’s Providence from Avatar Press. The mounting creepiness and sense of conspiracy and interconnectedness as depicted in turn of the century New England is intricately detailed and painstakingly researched. The artwork is gorgeous, with more than a few stunning uses of splash pages, and as always Moore packs the book with additional storytelling devices that offer even greater insight into what is happening in the panels themselves. It’s really a riveting and engrossing read and may be shaping up to be Moore’s finest work since Watchmen.

  • The Walking Dead is still my favorite comic to read it makes the people scarier than the walkers and is a horror comic at its best. At almost 160 issues the writing is still really good plus it is only 2.99 once a month.

  • THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON is my current favorite, the art, sequencing like omega men, and story easily make it my first to read book every time it comes out. I have also enjoyed the Vision for the same reason unfortunately I’m not feeling the same way about Batman. Hopefully that will improve.

  • Really enjoying The Walking Dead right now. It was a stagnant story for a bit, but the last year has been great! They are definitely building up to another big death(s), they are currently doing a good job at attracting new TWD comic fans while appeasing the classic readers

  • I’ve never been a fan of Superman or Action Comics but I picked up the new Action Comics Rebirth series on a whim and have been quite surprised with how much I have enjoyed reading it every two weeks. The fact that this “new” Superman is the same as the one I read in “Death of Superman” and there’s a depowered Clark Kent running around makes we go back to it. Plus Supes’ Son using his powers last week as if he was a young Gohan from DBZ made me smile.

  • My current favorite series is Darth Vader (which is probably why it’s ending). Vader, along with the Star Wars book, made me a Star Wars fan. Larroca is putting out the best work of his career, and if Gillen isn’t attached to the next Star Wars book, Marvel is making a HUGE mistake (which is probably why he won’t be).

  • The Flash! A new villain a speed force storm turning everyone into a speedsters, all new challenges for Barry to face. All something new than just the rogues. Not too happy with the art, hopefully that improves or changes over time.

  • ward09

    Saga is my favourite title. I discovered it while my wife was pregnant with our first child, and I found it incredibly touching and relevant. At a time in my life when I was nervous and scared, and my priorities were shifting to family, it felt like Alana, Marko and Hazel were our friends on a parallel journey – albeit one with half the galaxy chasing them. Saga is beautifully written, and my wife and I can relate to the everyday ups and downs of a couple and a family. Themes like love, commitment, exhaustion, in-laws, tension, fear, happiness, and jealousy, to name only some, are all on full display both in Saga and in my life… and the team of BKV and Fiona Staples can’t be beat 🙂

  • Right now? That’s hard. I’m looking into Kim and Kim at the moment since it’s something a bit different than normally out there. My love goes out to Amazing Spider-man though, he’s my favorite super hero and I can’t stop keeping up with him, no matter how bad the storylines get.

  • Mark

    Descender is my left-field pick. AI meets Star Wars. Lemire is writing a beautifully haunting story that is peeling back the layers with perfect pace. Dustin Nguyen is nailing the visuals and creating an amazing world.

    Honorable mentions: Moon Knight, Vision, Superman, Walking Dead, Fix

  • Hey guys, there are quite a few Rebirth books I’ve been testing out. Detective, Action and Superman are my favorites.

    Miles Morales Spider-man series is also great in my opinion. Stressed out super hero kid and parents that are equally, if not more, stressed out.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the contest. I’m going to hit up a couple series not normally on my radar from the other posts.

  • Gotta go with The Walking Dead, really looking forward to the Whisper War. It’s one of the few series that I feel invested in, with a connection to the characters. And knowing that anything can happen to anyone, at anytime.
    No reboots, no new #1s, no rebirth.

  • Demon Jim

    I’m a Marvel fanboy and find it strange to name a comic that is not a Marvel series. The best comic to me right now is “Chew” from Image. While it is not “new” it is ongoing with #57 coming out this month. Everything about it just screams to me. The art is different, but great. The art just works. The story is funny, crazy, awesome, well written, with just so much to latch on to. I even have Rob Guillory’s and John Layman’s autograph on my Chew Card Game box. This is one comic book that I always recommend to people simply because it is easy to catch on and the story is just different and original. Find a vol 1 tpb and you won’t be disappointed.

    I have a CBCS graded 9.8 of the board game variant of issue #1 signed by Rob and John and it is one of my more prized comics. I really need to get a #1 1st printing into my collection.

    Also Secret Agent Poyo f*cking rules!

    • I am loving the Spider-Man/Deadpool series. I absolutely loved Kelly and McGuinness’s original run on Deadpool back in 1997. It is always the funniest books on the shelf and the inclusion of Spider-Man, my favorite character, has only made it infinitely better. The back and forth banter between the 2 is nothing but comedic gold!

      • Demon Jim

        I’ve been wanting to check out this series, but I’ve been holding off until the TPB. I usually don’t wait and buy the issues as they come out. I’m also not really sure why I did it this time. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Spider-Man/Deadpool series so I look forward to it.

  • My favorite series thus far has to be Harley Quinn. Love the all out comedy and action of the series written by the dynamic duo of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. I look forward to visiting my LCS every month in anticipation of the book.

  • So many good reads but I have to pick Animosity. Such a great premise and so much potential.

  • Evensiphon

    I know this might sound cliche but it has to be Deadpool. Reason being I love a hero that is not the hero in every story we are lead to believe the virtuous knight with the right set of mental capacity and morels deserves to shine and bask in the glory, however he is what i believe stands out from the crowd a marvel good/bad guy joker if you will (depends on the day). Someone who as a kid I grew up thinking, who wouldn’t run wild and throw a few punch lines as a super hero along the way. In a way his chaos is not only lovable it’s the way this world needs to be in order to take the hardships of reality. A piece of Wade can be found in all of us even in the sadistic humor we all laugh or chuckle at. Killustrated covers show he is the superhero that needs neither rhyme or reason the modern day superhero with ADD and all. It’s a superhero who i would be interested to see obtain the infinity gauntlet if only to make his d.. muscles bigger because that is who deadpool is the wild card of all heroes.

  • Boy, this is a tough one, but I’d have to say my favorite series right now is Wonder Woman. I enjoy the alternating story lines, and I’m sure it’s the recent trailer and movie coming out, but I’m just really into the character right now. I will miss the Cho B covers though. . .

  • It is only one issue in, but I am completely sold on “Kill or be Killed” right now. I love it because the story is dark and unlike anything I’ve ever read before. The idea that someone needs to keep killing as “rent” in order to live sounds horrible and that’s why the story was so compelling. Not to mention, the art is very cool, making the certain figures seem really terrifying. You really feel for the main character, because of how rough his life has been as well.

  • Lunarshade

    I would definitely go with a Rebirth book and the Flash story is shaping up to be a good one but Wonder Woman is really off to a great start as well.


    I’ve been a big fan of Southern Bastard. The characterization is great, which I find to be the most important part of telling a story. There are baddies we really hate, humor, and it also seems like a story that could maybe be somewhat possible. Jason Aaron is an amazing writer. Scalped is another great one.

  • Id have to say that i am really enjoying Power Man and Iron Fist right now, every month its a fun read. Sanford Greenes art on the first 4 issues is spectacular and I think he is back for issue 8. Talking with Sanford at Boston comic con he said that Issue 10 is going to get crazy with some really unexpected characters popping up.

  • My favorite series right now is Superman because it finally explores the question of what if he had a son and was part of the DC universe.

  • Vision by king because it’s real and not the same ol stuff they keep trying to stuff down our throats

  • itseddieok

    Lots of great books mentioned. Spider-Man/Deadpool, The Fix, Superman, and the Flash have all been really good but I’m going to go with Spider-Woman since I know not many people read it lol. But it’s a great book and should be given a shot. I went into issue #1 with low expectations, after all a pregnant super hero isn’t a premise that’s going to sell a lot of books. However they have the perfect characterization for Jessica Drew and really the baby, as weird as it is to say, doesn’t factor into the book all that much. Gets born at the end of the 1st arc is basically being baby sat while she’s out heroing the rest of the stories. The art is great as well. Lots of unusual panel shapes/transitions and just looks really good over all. The creative team of Hopeless and Rodriguez are really killing it.

  • Drclix

    Wow, those variants are amazing. Especially the JRJR All-Star Batman in the field.

    Anyhow, great conversation topic! So many different and great responses so far.

    And while I’m reeeally enjoying Daredevil and Black Panther so far, I have to say Black Widow is my favorite ongoing read right now. Ever since their run on Daredevil, Waid and Samnee are without a doubt one of the best teams in the business. They create entire pages without dialogue and yet I still feel engaged. It’s like I’m watching a well-produced action/spy movie. They’ve managed to take a character who I’ve always felt was a footnote to the Avengers, and they’ve piqued my interest. It’s also kind of nice to read a “superhero” book today where no one has superpowers. It’s so early on in the series but I can’t wait to see where they take it next!

    P.S. Aug 24 is my bday so those variants would make a reeeeeally good present 🙂

  • tiredguy

    Tie between paper girls from image, and the superman/action storyline right now.

    Both are just good reads.

  • Birthright has been my favorite since it’s issue 1 release. A boy goes missing and the father is the number one suspect. Everyone abandons him including his wife. A few years late the boy returns, but he is all all grown up and looks like a barbarian warrior.
    Both the art and writing could stand alone, but the two together knock it out of the park. This book give new life to the typical magic fantasy world type stories. It should be a crime to not read this book.

  • Coswrd

    Wow…for the first time I am actually enjoying comics across the spectrum..The Vision (I never read Marvel) for its humanity, Monstress for the art and fantasy, The Fix for its humour, Superman!, Superman is awesome. Something a little crazy with Hillbilly. Batman is back..loved All Star Batman and looking forward to the rest of the series. Batman is #1.

  • Since it’s on a slight hiatus between issues right now, discussion of Liu & Takeda’s Monstress has simmered lately, but of all the current ongoing series it’s the one that impresses me most. The artwork has the ultra-sexy, sheer and stylish, and exceptionally detailed aesthetic reminiscent of Korean character designer Kim Hyung-Tae, but unlike most Korean comics that have a weak story, Marjorie Liu’s writing has created a rich, complex, and deeply expansive historical mythology. The series is a constant roller-coaster of plot twists, yet every single one feels organic and believable because the plotting has so much background detail and context.

  • All these variants look amaaaaaazingggggg!

    Im still liking the Injustice series. Since its on year 5 i was wondering if it was going to end soon but with the upcoming Injustice 2 game coming out i feel like they can keep it rolling. Even though each issue is super short I am finding myself waiting every week just to see what happens. I just want to see Batman win already but i never want it to end.

    Of the new stuff i want to see more Titans. Its just a nice read to see the teen titans back together with Wally. Cant wait to see the stories they come out with!

  • My favorite comic book serie at the moment is Marvel’s Darth Vader. It is almost finished now but i really like the general consistence of the story and the new characters that were introduced (Dr Aphra and so on). Also, Kieron Gillen is a very talented author and he catched well the character’s minds. I think this run could be one of the best of those last years.

  • Khoi Cakes

    East of West – consistent writing and I have always been a fan of post-apocalyptic/futuristic settings. Very nice world building by Hickman.

  • I’m reading the new series Renaldo Jones. It’s so interesting and unlike any book I’ve read and Kaare Andrews has done a great job on this book. I’m also a big fan of Spiderman/Deadpool. I love the continued printing of the covers and the variants are great. Plus you can’t beat these pair together. I’d tell anyone to check these out.

  • Scott Robertson

    Old man logan, lemire is killing the art and has some of the coolest covers and variants. All and all a great series… I still miss logan though

  • I really enjoy The New Super-man written by Gene Luen Yang. So far I have like the development of Kenan Kong’s character, and it will be fun to see where it goes in the future.

  • Not sure if this is what you really wanna hear, but nothing these days really floats my boat. While I like The Walking Dead, and The Punisher, those are books I read only when they’re released in trades. Rarely do I pick anything newer up, because half the time I get into something, its either rebooted, too convoluted of a story (having to pick up 50 other issues to get the complete story), or so freakin’ expensive when you’re able to find a “hot” issue. So now, I find myself focusing on older trades for the most part, like the IDW trade re-release of the Now Comics “Speed Racer” comics from the 90s, Dark Horse’s “To Hell You Ride”, and anything written by Garth Ennis (“Preacher”, “Hitman”, “The Boys”, etc.).

    So yeah, probably not the greatest answer to your question of people’s thoughts on what’s out there, but like said, nothing out there these days is a “must read” for me until it hits as a TPB.

  • This is tough, because (due in large part to CBSI), I’m reading a lot of books again! I’d have to say Hillbilly, by Eric Powell. He’s my favorite writer/artist, and The Goon is my all-time favorite series. With that book on hiatus as he works on the next part of the story, I am so happy that Hillbilly is out there now. It has that awesome, lush art style he’s known for, and his satire is dead-on. As he always does, he mixes laughs with seriously creepy and engaging stories.

  • Favorite reads currently:
    Saga- BKV, Fiona Staples, amazing galactic love story epic with incredible art bringing BKV’s whacked mind into the visual spectrum. What more can be said?
    October Faction- Niles and Worm keeping vampires legitimate month after month. I love Steve Niles work, and Worm’s art is as devilish as Steve’s words.
    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas- I had forgotten how great Thompson’s book is and Troy Little brought it all back with an exclamation point! I was laughing to tears and I must give Troy a handclap for putting down visuals usually reserved for those that have “tripped the light fantastic”. Great read.
    I recommend all of them to you, so read them if what I say has piqued your interest even a tiny bit.

  • I really love the new Action comics series. I absolutely love this version of Superman and his return has brought me back to DC comics. So thankful

  • I have several series I am enjoying, but if I had to go with one, it would be Saga. BKV is one of my favorite writers (Y the Last Man is one of my all time favorites). He delivers consistently. Fiona Staples art continues to grow on me.

  • Invincibles.. because Kirkman has the BALLS to actually think about and make a ending to a great series! Well done!

  • I am always looking out for 1st issues – something that I can just pick up and not worry about the hoard of back issues which must be read to keep up. Lately “Black Hammer” has grabbed my attention. I love the idea behind it…The Supers get blown up in their world only to resurface on a similar one but without their powers. Sure it’s been done before – but the characters in the book are unique. This book screams motion picture. Reminds me of The Watchman in many ways. Anyone who is looking for a different superhero book should def pick this up.

  • My favorite right now is Paper girls. It’s probably because of the nostalgia value but reading it just brings me back to my childhood.

  • My favorite is the new Vision volume with Tom King writing. I bought and read the Trade Paperback and it is pretty dark. I never got sucked into a story like this, and its pretty unique with the Vision family. The art is pretty good, but the story is what captivates me… and I’m not much of a reader.

  • brakfan

    I know it may not be spec worthy, but I never miss an issue of Dark Horse Presents. Besides the great stories and the recent can’t miss pin-up art by Geof Darrow (with two of my all-time favorites in Big Guy & Rusty & Shaolin Cowboy), Dark Horse puts out a substantial and beautiful comic with a lot of bang for your buck. It seems to be the closest replacement to the old DC Digests I never missed, except these won’t fit in your back pocket. I won’t hold that against Dark Horse though.

  • My favorite series currently is James Tynion IV’s run on Detective Comics. I recently got back into comics a year and a half ago and was extremely dissapointed by the New 52’s Detective Comics series. I’m glad to see it’s in great hands as it should be DC comics flagship series.

    With that being said I have thoroughly enjoyed many rebirth titles and have high hopes for Scott Snyder’s All Star Batman after reading the first issue multiple times.

  • kidbamboo

    I am totally getting into the Invincible Iron Man series ever since the intro of Riri in issue 7. Tony Starks has met his match against a young teenage female African-American phenom how much more intriguing can you get!

  • While many hold a contrary position, I’m really enjoying the Rebirth Batman series. I like the dynamic of Batman trying to be a mentor figure, without being a substitute father figure (i.e. Robin, & Batgirl). I also like the contrast in the artwork, of the grungy, modern-day look, vs the flashbacks which have a clean, almost victorian look. Plus, how do you not love Batman steering a jet while standing on top using reins?!

    I’m also really liking a couple of Dynamite’s recent titles; Lone Ranger / Green Hornet, and The Shadow / The Twilight Zone are great throwbacks to a past era, so there’s the nostalgia factor, but the writing has been on point, and the artwork spectacular.