Young Terrorists #1

oneyearlaterHello, and welcome back to another One Year Later. First off, I would like to thank everyone for all the comments every week! Last week's Thunderbolts #449 had some great comments and the week before that with Bloodshot Reborn showed there are some incredible writers out there!

Second…hey Unpressable Defects!  You took away this week's article as it has been 1 year exactly since Scooby Doo Team Up #12 with Harley Quinn. Yes, this was an easy money maker and still is. Sure, the price has come down, but Harley is RED HOT (see Suicide Squad, and most likely a new SOLO movie) and have you seen the prices of early Scooby Doo???? Yes, the Watcher would've given this a big thumbs up!!!

Young Terrorists #1

Young Terrorists #1

OK, now on to this week's One Year Later. Seems every week there is an independent darling of the week. This week is Animosity #1 and the week before that Unleash; but every week it seems there is low press run comic (remember, for indy titles, most stores will order light). 52 weeks ago today, Young Terrorists #1 was being talked about. There were 3 covers and some store variants, but we will talk about regular covers A and B.

This was back when Black Mask Comics seemed like the next big thing with plenty of red hot books and lots of money to be made. To illustrate my point, Young Terrorists even made the TOP 10. Remember, TOP 10 only reports on hard sales data and facts and a year ago this BOOK was RED HOT … Oh no, the Watcher just used the word WAS. Yes, sadly, 52 weeks later the price has dropped and Black Mask has had lots of delays and SNAFU's. Reprinting 4 Kids into a Bank all the the time isn't cutting it. Sure, Young Terrorists goes for about cover price now, down from its $15 promising start on the day of release. Still, if you bought Young Terrorists the day of release, you are breaking even. For those that bought with the news, sorry.


In conclusion, be careful of the indy of the week. Lots of these publishers can get the first issue out, but it's tough to get issue #2 and the interest dies down.

Until next week, keep those comments coming and the Watcher will be on the Look OUT!


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    If there is one take away to be gleaned from these One Year Later write ups it’s that many of these books that are HOT when they first come out really cool off in the long term. Very rarely do these books hold their value long term. Thanks for another great article!

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    Great article and choice, but I have to give this a massive thumbs down. I picked this book up last year during all the Black Mask hubub for cover. It was the best book I read in 2015. Solid, fresh art, and a very unique story with a kick ass female lead and setting. I loved it and thought for sure BM would see it through to it’s full potential. As a publisher you would be crazy not to keep the momentum of a book like this rolling. Then the Black Mask effect happened: More delays than Marvel, more variants than actual words in this over-sized first issue, and to top it all off some really juvenile and arrogant behavior on social media toward fans.

    Black Mask should have been the publisher we didn’t need but wanted, and instead they are now the publisher that when you ask for Black Mask books you’re guided to the Batman section. Young Terrorists deserved better. Still a great read.

  • Keith S.

    I hope if young terrorists #2 ever comes out, it sparks some interest into the title again, because it was one of the best first issues I’ve read in a long time and had/has a lot of potential.

  • tiredguy

    Agreed. It has become almost painful the level of fail BM is acheivingz

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