Bats meets the Wall, the Ray, Steel, Uriel & Cotati

Suicide Squad 10

First time Batman meets Amanda Waller

I have been pretty vocal in my disdain for DC’s latest film. I did my fair share of hyping the books I liked and that box of comics I can’t move just adds to my frustration. Many, many keys are gonna been heading south the longer this movie is out. But this one might be one of the few comics worth buying considering the ramifications of that post-credit scene.


The Ray 1, Multiversity: Mastermen 1:100 Variant

First Ray Terrill

The CW has ordered an animated Freedom Fighters and The Ray series with plans to bring a live Ray to the Arrowverse at some point. The original Ray mini was a great series and the first professional work of Joe Quesada! Ray Terrill first appeared in issue 1. The animated series will be using the Earth 10 Ray who is gay. He is still the same person but the gay Ray first appeared in Grant Morrison’s Multiversity: Mastermen which has a really tough to find variant.

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Note: I would also add Smash Comics 14, Freedom Fighters 1 ( 2010 ) and Final Crisis 2 which I believe is the first time he was written by Grant unless you count 52 #1. Grant wrote part of that comic but I am not sure if he wrote the part where the Ray appeared. I do not believe he did but it warrants further research. Remember the Ray that the CW will be using is the Earth 10 Ray who first appeared in the variant above.

Steel The Indestructible Man 1

Commander Steel ( Henry Hayward ) is coming to Legends of Tomorrow. While that may not energize most collectors, the show’s creators have promised a revamped effort. Let’s hope they pull it off.


Note: The character’s grandson ( Nate ) has also been cast for the show.

Books of Magic 1

First Uriel

Season 2 of the popular show Lucifer will be introducing Lucifer’s brother archangel Uriel. Uriel first appeared in DC’s Book of Magic, a series in which writer Neil Gaiman reintroduced readers to some of DC’s more important magic based characters.


The Avengers 131

First Cotati

It’s possible Marvel might use the plant-based species Cotati to create a connection between Thor 3 and GOTG Vol. 2. This telepathic, alien species could be the bridge for Mantis to appear in both films!



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    Hey I have Multiversity Mastermen #1 1:50 variant and the 1:100 variant.

    Never thought this would ever pan out as a key issue.

    Looks like I’m going to be listing a couple books on the Bay really soon!


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    “First professional work of Joe Quesada”

    No it isn’t, his earliest pro work was coloring for Valiant on Nintendo. #3 of something, possibly the Game Boy series.

    • Topher

      Yea you are right on this one, it’s Captain N 3. I though the series might be his first cover art but he did about a dozen comics prior to the Ray series. I will see if I can change the sentence to read , ” The Ray is some of Joe’s earliest cover art. “

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    I hate Quesada’s Spider-Man… Sorry neded to get that off my chest!

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    Did Books of Magic come out before Harry Potter?

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      Yup. Judicious googling used to be able produce accusations that a comic shop across from the coffee/tea shop where she liked to write had a Books of Magic poster in the front widow for years,* but as far as I can tell, that stuff’s been scrubbed off the net.

      *Gaiman’s four issue mini was followed by a long-running monthly comic, mostly written by John Ney Rieber, and that morphed into Life During Wartime in the early aughts (had some awesome Quitely covers).

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