The Simpsons

Everyone loves the Simpsons. Apparently, the Simpsons comics love other covers. See below.

57197_20061107210548_large 205954_20100714125305_large Fantastic Four 1

Simpsons 1/Comic Book Guy 1/Fantastic Four 1

Two for one here. I think both of these are hilarious!

72108_20061120112351_largeSimpsons 102 FourColor159Donald Duck 159
The sailor outfits the Simpsons are wearing is a nice touch…why was Donald Duck always in a sailor’s outfit?
88226_20070318170450_largeSimpsons 68 adventure comics 247 001Adventure Comics 247
No way Homer makes it onto that super-team with a bucket on his foot…no way.
Super_Spectacular_13Simpsons Super Spectacular 13 1027294-watchmen1Watchmen Trade
The professor levitating in the background is the best part of the Simpson cover.
Bart_Simpson's_Treehouse_of_Horror_11Treehouse of Horror 11 jan28talescrypt41-jpgTales From the Crypt 41
I can’t lie…sometimes I want to do the same thing to my wife that Homer is doing to Marge…is that wrong?
137927_20080807223756_largeSimpsons 144 2012-07-23-captain_marvel_2_cover-533x820Captain Marvel 2
I think Abe was really trying to swipe the “We can do it” war poster. So I guess Captain Marvel is actually swiping Abe!
316149Radioactive Man 8 Batman_-_Movie_Adaptation_1BBatman Movie Special
For some reason I really like this one. They look really cool together like this.
316148Radioactive Man 7 9341-2353-10311-1-marvel-super-heroesMarvel Super-Heroes 21
These old style covers get me every time. Its something about life being much simpler when I could buy a comic like Marvel Super Heroes 21 off the shelf. Wait…this came out 8 years before I was born? Nevermind 

I’m thinking I can find a few more that I will save for next week. Have a great weekend!


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