X-Men Worlds Apart #1 – J Scott Campbell – December 2008

X-Men_Worlds_Apart_Vol_1_1Welcome back to another exciting (I hope) episode of Covers from the Unknown! This week I bring you a JSC cover that I had no idea existed! Believe it or not it's from one of the Big 2 companies, and I was shocked when I saw it. Maybe it was just me, but I almost feel as if we had seen all the JSC covers out there! Anyways, I give you X-Men World's Apart #1! Not a variant, short print, or anything like that! A regular first print comic! It was published in December, 2008, and features a great Storm, in action, cover image.

This is a JSC cover that will not break your bank! There are plenty on the ‘bay and they are anywhere from $2 – $20. Looking at the monthly numbers, there are about 15k out there. Issue #1 actually had 2 covers, both 1:1 , where the total print run was 30k. Go get one of these for your PC! And while you are at it, look for the sketch version of this! Only available at Wizard World Texas, back in the day! Happy Hunting Fellas!


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