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1 Deadpool 45 1:50 Variant (2008)

Deadpool 45 WRITER: Daniel Way
ARTIST: Greg Horn
Yeah so this book is $500 now. It’s basically a top-30 modern variant price wise. Cool cover, scarce book, some guy named Deadpool; a perfect freaking storm that we should have recognized just a few weeks ago, when this puppy was sitting out there for less than $200. Those days are gone.

2 Animosity (Aftershock, 2016) #1 1:10 Variant

STL012667 WRITER: Marguerite Bennett
ARTIST: Rafael de Latore
Hot hype sells, and what has been hailed as a very good read of a HTF book by a small publisher, sees another variant take off. This new hit from Aftershock is drying up on eBay to the tune of $40+, and will be at $50 soon. I can’t honestly say I know for sure that this is anything more than the flavor of the week, but there aren’t many out there. I don’t know how this translates to movies/tv with the talking animals and what that budget would entail, but it’s selling better than pancakes in Toronto.

3 Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 2012) #633 1:50 Venom Variant

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
ARTIST: Richard Ellson
This is the latest Venom variant to leave the stratosphere as completionists gobble them up. Never forget that a lot of purchasers are just pouring these into their PC and they won’t see the light of day again. Tough to find, Venom, etc. This is not one of my favorite covers from these at all, but it is what it is. For those that need them all, they’re willing to pay what they gotta pay. And it’s apparently a lot. The last 4 sales have all been over $400, with the latest hitting almost $500.


4 Batman (DC, 2016) #1 SDCC Foil Variant

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: David Finch
It's Batman. It's #1. It's new. It's limited. It's from SDCC. It has foil. It looks cool. It's a Jim Lee cover. It sells for over $100 raw on eBay. It's hot. It's on this list.


5 Harley Quinn (DC, 2016) #1 Aspen Puddin Hatless Variant

WRITER: Amanda Conner/Jimmy Palmiotti
ARTIST: Chad Hardin

Fire in the hole! Michael Turner and HQ are a hit to the surprise of no one. This book is selling pretty easily at $150 alone, or $215+ for the 3 cover set. To me it seems that HQ is selling just like always, whatever she’s included in gets hot and stays hot. No comment on how the Aspen Turner Batman 1’s worked out, but the book still looks awesome. Aspen has lightning in a bottle with the Turner 1’s.


6 Lumberjanes (Boom, 2014) #1 B&W “Boom! Studios Edition”

WRITER: Noelle Stevenson/Grace Ellis
ARTIST: Brooke A. Allen

This is an example of a book that was announced a long time ago, but the lull hit. People forget in this little world of comics and focus on what’s hot. Well, they announced the director would be Emily Carmichael, a “rising star” who was rumored to direct Captain Marvel, and this book is selling again. The real money should be on this B&W “Boom! Studios Edition” (so says the CGC label) of which there were only 250 printed, variant b (1:15) only 875, and variant C (1:25) around 525. The copies less than $100 of the B&W have disappeared from eBay. It's magic in the making with a little cult following, get in while you still have a shot.


7 Aquaman (DC, 1967) #35

WRITER: Bob Haney
ARTIST: Nick Cardy
Wait for it, then wait for it, keep waiting and eventually a few years later another book pays off and it’s the first appearance of Black Manta. Introduced to the surprise of no one as the big bad in the upcoming Aquaman movie, 35s are drying up again. Savvy flippers have generally already cleaned up on this. This book is extraordinarily tough to find in high grade, just like the other keys from this original Aquaman run (1, 11, 29, and to a lesser extent 42). You probably missed the boat on buying this low. #NickCardy4Life


8 Brave and the Bold (DC, 1983) #200

WRITER: Mike Barr
ARTIST: Dave Gibbons

This book hasn’t been hidden for a while, but Katana finally hit the big screen.  Multiple copies are selling every day. High grade copies on this square bound don’t seem easy to come by. 9.8s have recently sold between $250 and $400.


9 Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original (Boom!, 2016) #1 1:20 Tattoo Variant

WRITER: Ollie Masters
ARTIST: Luca Pizzari

SOA fans are aplenty, and this being the cool back-story of a young Jax makes this overlooked variant very desirable.  eBay has dried up of anything less than $50. Early reviews have readers enjoying this prequel, and I can see show watchers actually picking this up since some have been suicidal since their favorite fake biker gang has gone off-air. Kurt Sutter is in on it, so hopefully it's a passion project more than a cash grab.


10 Batman: Harley Quinn (DC, 1999) #nn

WRITER: Paul Dini
ARTIST: Yvel Guichet

Love it or hate it, Suicide Squad was the Harley cinematic release, and Margot Robbie was a hit. They played off of Ross’ imagery from this graphic novel, her introduction into DCU continuity. This is an iconic book which hasn’t really been overlooked for about the last 3 years, but I think this is one of the better modern long term investment books. 9.8s have hit over $400, and raw NMs over $200. Get one while you can.


 Caliber Presents (Caliber, 1989) #1


With Jason Momoa seemingly cast as The Crow, this book should pick up a little steam. 9.8? Good luck.


 Superior Spider-Man (Marvel, 2013) #20 JSC 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Giuseppe Camuncoli

g+ member, Zack Gauthier, has mentioned this book multiple times.  Although it is not an unknown book, it has nowhere to go but up as these just keep making their way into PC’s, never to be seen again.  NM raws are pushing $275, but good luck trying to find what is arguably the quintessential Campbell artwork.


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