The Unpressable Defects #14

Shaun is back from his international adventures so it's time to talk movies, Suicide Squad in particular, Superfriends and some comics!


Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • Skot Whitman

    Cool podcast as always guys!

    Just for the record, Livewire did appear in the Batman the Animated series, the episode titled Ladies Knight also known as “Girl’s Night Out”. Livewire, Ivy and Harley team up against Supergirl and Batgirl. Livewire did start out on the Superman animated series, which was primarily the same crew.

  • Topher

    Best Batman: Keaton.
    Best Wayne: Bale

    How anyone can knock Burton’s Batman is beyond me.

    • Matt DeVoe

      Actually, I agree with you Topher. I HATED Bale’s Batman. Soooooooooooo much.

    • Khoi Cakes

      Sorry, but Bruce Wayne and Batman are one and the same. And even if you thought Michael Keaton did a good job acting, he was miscast because he doesn’t resemble what Batman/Wayne looks like. Easy enough to pick anyone when it’s a character from a novel, but when your character started out as a graphic depiction, how do you steer away from his established look? The movie was sorely needed at the time for us comic fans so I’m not knocking it, but if you can’t get the main character right, the rest of the movie is off IMO. Ledger’s Joker came under the same fire, but his performance really blew away any criticisms. No way Keaton’s performance came close to doing that (plus Ledger got to hide underneath the Joker makeup the whole movie).

  • Avatar

    So…..did anyone solve the mystery of Trey’s vanishing????

    My theory is that he knew that it was getting close to the part of the program where the topic shifted towards Valiant, as always, and he decided to count his Pokemon captures for the 10,000 time….a close second theory is that Shawn had one of his underlings do his “light work” and take him out for not liking Preacher as much as he did…

    Stay tuned next week to find out the answers, kiddos…same pressed channel, same pressed time!!

  • Avatar

    Trey is dead on about Fire in the sky and Event Horizon. Those are probably two of the most scary recent movies. Although I think I would add Session 9 to that list. Great podcast!

  • Avatar

    Thanks ppl it was good to be back!

  • Avatar

    Think it’s time to start the over/under on how many F-Bombs Mel V. drops per episode. Keep up the great work. A truly enjoyable listen!!

    • Topher

      Even play the shot game with Val Kilmer in Tombstone? Take a shot every time he does. I guarantee you can’t make it through the film! I think I’m gonna try the same thing with Mel when he swears.

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