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I would almost feel sorry for Marvel if it wasn't for the fact that in a couple of months they will take a large percentage of this article weekly. Let me know in the comments what DC titles you are behind and which ones you are already sick of. They can't all be winners, right?

All-Star Batman #1 Jock VariantAll-Star Batman #1 Jock Variant

So, here it is, Snyder back on Batman with JRJR on art and it looks like it's going to be another hit. Jock and Batman go great together and this is another fine example why.

Superwoman #1 Terry Dodson VariantSuperwoman #1 Terry Dodson Variant

What do you do with two Lois Lanes? You give one of them superpowers and hope people get behind her. Superman, Superwoman, Super-Man, Superboy and Supergirl … The superfamily is outnumbering the batfamily at this point.

Deathstroke: Rebirth Stephen Platt VariantDeathstroke: Rebirth Stephen Platt Variant

The Platt cover pretty much ensures this cover would appear here, but this is Chris Priest's return to monthly comics and I am really excited about it and hope he gets enough time to give Deathstroke his spin.

Flash #5Flash #5

Godspeed seems to have captured people's imagination and it looks like it's going to be played out as a mystery. At this point we can all agree that the Flash is one of this relaunch's nicest surprises.

Spider-Man / Deadpool #1 7th PrintingSpider-Man / Deadpool #1 7th Printing

This issue has been getting a new printing every single month since it came out, and so have the rest of the issues of this series. Awesome news for Marvel and fans of Kelly's and McGuinness' Deadpool (e.g. myself)

Civil War II: The Accused #1 Fiona Staples VariantCivil War II: The Accused #1 Fiona Staples Variant

It's not very often we get to see Staples doing superheroo comics these days so people are ready to snatch them up as they come out. The 1:25 ratio only means a lot of people will not be able to find it.

Jim Henson's Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Special #1 Mike Allred VariantJim Henson's Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Special #1 Mike Allred Variant

Labyrinth, Bowie and Allred make up the trifecta that might make this variant a hot item. This should have legs!!!

Black Monday Murders #1Black Monday Murders #1

A new series by Hickman always experiences sellouts and price hikes when it comes out. So here you got that, a comic that's guaranteed to be a good read and Coker back on pencils, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

The Fix #1 5th PrintingThe Fix #1 5th Printing

Much like Spider-Man / Deadpool, here's another title that counts months by its printings. Waiting for the trade but all I've heard about this book is good.

Starring Sonya Devereaux #1Starring Sonya Devereaux #1

Just adding this one here for the Walking Dead #1 tribute cover, but the VHS generation might appreciate this parody of low-budget movies only tied together but the actress.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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    I preordered Sonya D. for the Walking Dead homage cover, but it looks interesting. The Fraim brothers have a nice clean style. If you ever come across it in the bargain boxes pick up Vampire, PA. from Moonstone by the Fraims. Great overlooked miniseries (3 issues).
    Not sure how much more Rebirth I need or want. Well, I still want the REAL Justice Society back, but I imagine we’ll see something when the CW shows cone back in the fall. Wish they would give Flash a better artist. Titans has been good, Green Arrow started started strong but it’s fading fast , and I’m not liking the new Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan back as GL, yes. Cruz & Baz , no. Enough with the new versions. Rather see more alien lanterns in space.

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    Why is All Star Batman $4.99? Is it a double sized book or something? I still grabbed two copies of the Jock Variant regardless, but was surprised to not the the $2.99 on the cover.

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    Don’t wait for the trade. The fix is probably the best sleeper hit of the year

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    As far as multiple printings go I’m surprised Invincible Iron Man #7 3rd print didn’t make the list. It’s got Riri on the cover for her first appearance and most likely a smaller print run. Also, if you haven’t seen Ryan Bodenheim’s cover for Ninjak you should check it out.

  • Dirty-Dalek

    I thought All Star was rad. Was nice to read a Snyder written Bat book again. It actually made me not care about the Romita Jr art.

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    I’m not going to lie. I just like buying comics. Sometimes my love of buying gets in the way of my speculation. I’m going to be strong and hold off on All-Star Batman. It’s traditionally very rare for any Bat title outside of the big 2 to have legs. Not even Grant Morrison has been able to make a 3rd title’s value stick. Maybe Snyder will be the exception. To all of you buying these up, I wish you luck!

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    My LCS has like 10+ jock covers.

    I hve 2 copies already… reading you guys makes want to go and buy more copies!

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    It’s a damn good looking cover though!

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