Fan Expo Canada

We must be doing something right because after the feature and contest we run on the Fan Expo Texas / Orlando Megacon variants, they decided to come back to us to do the same for their Fan Expo variants.

The variants are now available at the Fan Expo Store so if you don't want to miss out on the new foil BA12 variant, move fast. Like last time, we are going to be running a contest and giving away 2 sets of all the covers mentioned below, so keep out an eye for that!!!


Civil War II: Choosing Sides #5 Fade / B&W

If you are going to have a show in Canada, there's nothing more appropiate than a comic featuring Alpha Flight and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a cover featuring the PM himself. This comic is already coming out with a Justin Trudeau cover so a couple of color variants should prove popular up north.

COMIC-ALLSTAR-BATMAN-1All-Star Batman #1 by John Romita Jr

Another great JRJR cover for this comic. It might actually be my favorite JRJR cover for this comic actually. It has a manga vibe to it that is pretty awesome.

COMIC-SUICIDE-SQUAD-1Suicide Squad #1 Fade Variant

A color variant of the Jim Lee cover for Suicide Squad. Whatever you thought of the movie, this comic can only be big so watch out for this Jim Lee fade variant, a smaller print run will only help.

COMIC-GLITTERBOMB-1Glitterbomb #1 by Djibril Morissette-Phan

New beautiful cover for this Image horror title that is already getting a lot of good advance reviews.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #1 by Dan Duncan

Variant for the brand new TMNT ongoing that will focus on side stories with a backup story by Eastman and Sienkiewicz. The fact that is drawn by the same guy who launched the very successful IDW series should make this a well received variant.


Batman Adventures #12 by Jonboy Meyers, available in color and foil

Fan Expo's previous BA12 printing with a different Jonboy Meyers was a smashing success, so someone must have followed the classic “if it ain't broke” adage to get this cover greenlighted. This time the focus of the cover is the evolution in Harley's look and, if the previous cover is anything to go by, the foil edition is going to look amazing.


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