Incredible Hulk #449

oneyearlaterIncredible_Hulk_Vol_1_449Hello, and welcome back to another One Year Later!!! This week we take a look at The Incredible Hulk #449, a key issue a year ago since it's the very first appearance of the Thunderbolts!!!

A year ago today, Hulk #449 was $50!!!! Yes, it was so hot it made it to #2 on the Top 10. Remember, the Top 10 just reports the sales of the hot books of the week using actual sales and real data. Word among speculators was this book with the Thunderbolts would soon be a movie, or at least a Netflix show. Well, we all saw the latest TV announcements, and sadly, NO Thunderbolts. It might have to do with whom owns the HULK in TV ???? Universal pictures still has its hand in the cookie jar, and it's doubtful Marvel wants to share.

Looking at recent sales on the Bay, the average price is now $22. Yikes, the price has gone down. Is it a total failure??? Well, people that bought last year need some sort of working agreement between Universal and Marvel since the Hulk is the key. Others reading the price is just over $20 might be tempted to stock up. Seeing that the latest superhero TEAM movie will easily break 250 million dollars WORLD-WIDE this week (Suicide Squad) it seems there will always be a market for super hero teams.

However, seeing the decline in price from $50 to just about $20, the Watcher has to give this book a big thumbs down!


In closing, thank you for all the comments, especially last week in the Bloodshot Reborn #5 section. Some exceptional writers out there!


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    Still lots of room on this one though.

  • microchipsandsalsa

    Yes I agree this could be a big investment down the road. Find em cheap now!

  • merlin

    There has got to be 150k+ of these in NM and up. Who is sitting on reserves of 90s keys waiting desperately for the demand to allow liquidation without flooding the market? Maybe no one.

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    Not only is there NOT 150k+ in NM shape, there were only 86k copies printed in total let alone in NM shape. There are plenty out there but hulk 449 came out after the 90’s bubble had burst. Most people who bought post 1995 were readers. They were read, aka not NM. Sure, there are still plenty in NM shape but probably more like 1/5th the print run, which would roughly be 16k copies in NMish I think im being very nice with that number.

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    Would look for the Thunderbolts Prelude #1 over Hulk #449 if you can find it for a reasonable price.

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    I don’t recall what the price was TWO years ago, but this has always been a solid book. Last year’s peak of $50 was a media-speculation-fueled outlier, but I also think there’s room for growth here. Marvel is STILL using the Thunderbolts brand for a current series (when was the last time there wasn’t a T-Bolts ongoing series? Hasn’t the title been in print every year since it debuted…?). Eventually the rights will get straightened out, and pulling from the roster of characters who have called themselves Thunderbolts over the years… a decade from now imagine how much Hulk 449 would be worth if there’s just a RUMOR that a T-Bolts movie would feature Deadpool, Venom, the Punisher and Elektra? With the opening-weekend numbers Suicide Squad just did, I’m surprised Bleeding Cool isn’t already running that rumor.

  • Khoi Cakes

    I love it when the comments just add more info to a good article. Keep up the good work guys!

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    There’s a reprint of this issue with a different yet cooler cover by Bagley where the hulk is up against Atlas I believe.

    It’s american comics exact reprint with a print run of only 5000.

    There is also Signed copies of said issue from Dynamic Forces said to be very scarce.

    This is what I would hunt multiple copies of. Ofcourse 1 or 2 regular first prints is also important to own.

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    I am not understanding on why the T’Bolts TV show would need Hulk at all… are the members Hulk specific villains?

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