Wizard World 2004 Program – Michael Turner

Turner-WWLA-2004-ProgramIt's time for another Covers from the Unknown! And believe it or not, we are in the month of August already!! This week I am going to piggy-back off the Aspen heat! I present to you the Wizard World Los Angeles Program, from 2004. By none other than Michael Turner. Featuring the Trinity of DC, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. While looking at this cover, I have seen that Wonder Woman and Superman used on different covers, but I can't recall if I have seen that Batman anywhere. Either way, IMHO, this is a Turner hidden gem.

I only have seen one person with this for sale on the bay. Little pricey at $25, but for a Turner collector, it doesn't seem like a lot of $$ for me. Also, with the fact that is the only one I have seen for sale online, it might end up being a steal. Good luck looking for this one amigos! Happy Hunting Fellas!


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    I remember going to these wizard world and keep these books in milk cases since they look like real comics. I always wanted to grade them. I guess it’s a good time now.

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    Wow haven’t seen that one in a while. I easily have 10+ of these in my collection still since I was at that Wizard World Philly and every WW Philly since the initial year 2000 up until last year because of how bad they now are. I used to grab stacks of these each year and sell them on Ebay and provide one with each auction of the exclusive I sold from the show as an incentive to buy. I still have that Heroclix Galactus sealed and this was the year that I was just walking by the View Askew booth and happened upon Kevin Smith standing there no one around and had him sign those old in-action figures he used to do. Now he would prob be mobbed. This was the hey-day of Wizard Worlds Alex Ross, Kevin Smith, Turner cover, Marvel/DC in attendance, toy companies, Wizards of the Coast with exclusives, comic dealers galore…ahhh those shows were great..Now it’s B-Z celebrites, the General Lee, and one comic dude with an entire box of NFL Super Pros.

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