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Weird week alert … This article features no mention of Marvel comics. Marvel has some good books out this week, just nothing explosive (unless you have some serious love for Tsum Tsums). Basically if you're just looking at the big two this week that means Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad … Thanks to the comic book gods, though, the rest of the publishers decided to step up and try to benefit of the Harley fatigue …

1544144_xlHarley Quinn #1 1544177_xlSuicide Squad: Rebirth
With the SS movie coming out this weekend, it seems DC has learned from their latest movie tie-in efforts and have managed to time this perfectly. A new Harley #1 with a huge print run is perfect even though the regular cover is full of characters casual readers will not be familiar with (but hey, that's why they have another 73 covers to choose from). Same creators as the new 52 HQ series makes it look as if they are just continuing the series, we'll see … The other big DC comic this week is the SS Rebirth one-shot, which will let new readers know about the SS backstory.

Not sure how the movie will perform, but it looks like a fun action movie, which might be what DC needs right now. What DC didn't need was a low score on Rotten Tomatoes again (even though everybody seems to agree on Deadshot and Harley been the best bits of the movie) and a group of fans petitioning to shut RT down. Best thing you can do with superhero movies is go into the cinema with low expectations, though.

1570417_xlDCU Rebirth 4th Printing

Another printing of this bad boy … My favorite cover is still Frank's cover for the third printing, but this one features the 3 Jokers, a storyline that might prove interesting.

1544423_xlLady Killer Vol.2 #1

We talked a lot about the first volume of this series. Joëlle Jones has been doing some amazing cover work for the last year, so this will have more people insterested in it.

1544235_xl Kill or be Killed #1

Brubaker and Phillips have a very dedicated fanbase that eats up everything they put out. This being a deconstruction of vigilantism, it might get a lot of other people interested too.

1544274_xl The Walking Dead #157 Arthur Adams Variant

Arthur Adams doing Walking Dead connecting variants (right after Image came out to say they were not doing variants anymore???) sounds like a terrific idea. Could this catch people off-guard?

1537604_xl Hillbilly #2

The first issue came a bit as a surprise for some people. Now they all seem to have wised up making this sold out almost everywhere online before it even got released.

1544468_xl Animosity #1

Adding more talent each month has made people pay a lot more attention to Aftershock. Their new series this week, about animals taking revenge on humans sounds like another potential hit.

1544542_xl Dishonored #1

Titan keep putting out licensed series and this time it's a story based on the Dishonored videogame. As always, these could do anything in the aftermarket but recent Titan history says that they do well for the first few days. Also, this seems to have sold out at Midtown and almost at MCS (only cover A left as I write this), so it might be worth keeping an eye on …

1544442_xl4001 AD: War Mother #1

Fred Van Lente launches a new series for Valiant and even if you haven't been following the 4001 AD crossover, it sounds easy enough to follow … War Mother is in charge of getting supplies for a scientific community in a dystopian future. Without taking a look at this, it kinda gives me a Furiosa vibe, and that's not a bad thing at all.

1537774_xlTank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #3

I love Martin's Tank Girl, I love Brett Parson but the reason to feature this comic this week is none other than the awesome Paul Pope cover, because Pope and Tank Girl were clearly made for each other.

1537542_xlEvil Heroes #1 Mike Krome Variant

After closing the book on fairy tales, Zenescope turn their attention to superheroes and if this variant is any indication, it seems they are going to be using analogues of well loved heroes being evil. And those sometimes are fun, right?

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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